The 'Let's Roll' Election

The folks at Power Line took some time to discuss the merits of a recent editorial in the Washington Post by E.J. Dionne in which he argues that Republicans may “lose it all” in November.  Dionne predicts that the “Trumpian circus-plus-horror-show” is inevitably leading to a Democrat-controlled House, Senate, and presidency.  Paul Mirengoff agrees with Dionne’s prediction but not with his reasoning, placing the cause of a potential November slaughter squarely on the perfect storm of an intensifying pandemic and economic depression that will be impossible for President Trump and Senate Republicans to withstand.  Scott Johnson acknowledges how difficult this election will be to pull out for Republicans but reminds readers that Dionne’s scribblings should be seen more as psychological warfare meant to discourage Trump voters than as unbiased and reasoned analysis.   

At the risk of sounding too dismissive of the considerable obstacles before us, I think everyone is underestimating how seriously supporters of the president view this election.  Michael Anton’s provocative “Flight 93 Election” essay captured the mood of a significant and largely voiceless group of American voters in 2016.  We went to the polls after an exhausting and abusive election season with one thing on our minds: if we had any hope of saving America, it was now or never.  

After achieving victory, however, the election never came to an end.  The Democrats and press immediately engaged in an unprecedented attempt to overturn the election results, remove President Trump from office, and dismantle any of his fledgling efforts at stabilizing an America in critical condition.  We were given not a single day to acknowledge that Donald Trump had defeated Hillary Clinton for the presidency.  Soros-financed parades intended to celebrate the first woman president were immediately repurposed into nationwide “marches against fascism.”  President Obama bemoaned the rise of “fake news” on conservative websites that misled voters.  Constitutional law scholars and Hollywood celebrities joined forces to call for “faithless electors” to upend the Electoral College.  The media began using Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC’s “Russian collusion” disinformation to accuse the newly elected president of being illegitimate and an agent of a hostile foreign power.  While Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Nuland, and many others were setting in motion a plan to entrap President Trump and General Flynn and laying the bread crumbs for a complicit media to effectuate that goal, Obama and Biden were still lighting fires of their own, such as punishing Israel at the U.N. and escalating diplomatic tensions with Russia, on their final days in office.  There has never been a more devastating and deliberate sabotaging of the peaceful transfer of power in the history of the United States than what Barack Obama and his administration did to our country, and the only time the Democrats refused to accept the results of a legitimate election with more malignancy and malice, they intentionally set the Union ablaze and sunk us into Civil War.  

We have endured a Mueller special counsel investigation that willfully ignored the Clinton campaign’s efforts to use foreign spies and Russian disinformation to defeat her opponent while leaving the Trump administration under a constant cloud of  suspicion and uncertainty.  When the purpose of that investigation, to justify the government’s illegal counterintelligence operation against his campaign and the commencement of a forensic colonoscopy of Donald Trump and everyone around him, came to an end, Mueller cleared the president but did so by releasing a report filled with speculative innuendo meant to fan the flames of the “Russian collusion” fiction further.  Rather than using two years and fifty million dollars to dissect the Steele Dossier or the role of key players like Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper, Sir Richard Dearlove, or Hakluyt, Mueller gave Andrew Weissmann and Democratic Party investigators carte blanche to pursue a partisan witch-hunt against the President of the United States.  While Adam Schiff and Democrats in Congress lied about the “Russian collusion” scandal for years, they also instigated the impeachment of the president by using fake whistleblowers and imaginary “quid pro quo” to turn a Biden Ukraine scandal into a Trump one.  When the press, the Democrats, and #NeverTrump Republicans like Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol are not engaging in the most cynical and exploitative game of psychological warfare and accusing the president of being a Manchurian stooge, they have foisted upon the nation an unrelenting stream of accusations that he is mentally incompetent, a secret KKK Grand Dragon, and an abuser of women in his spare time.

Dionne and his ilk may be looking forward to the 2020 election, but supporters of the president have never stopped fighting for a conclusion to the 2016 race.  By denying the legitimacy of President Trump’s victory and determining to undermine our vote, the Democrats and the press have given us no reprieve.  We have been aboard Flight 93 for four long years, and we’re still slamming the drink cart into the cockpit doors and fighting for our lives.  There has never been a moment of peace.  There has never been a chance for calm reflection.  Every day is an in-your-face, unremitting struggle against what often seems like insurmountable odds while those of us who know better steel our resolve, prepare for battle, and cry forth, “Let’s roll.”  By denying us the opportunity to take command of our plane and safely land, the Democrats have never stopped terrorizing America.  

Call 2020 the continuation of the “Flight 93” election or the “Let’s Roll” election or the “Liberty or Death” election, but however it is eventually remembered, it is clear to Trump supporters that the only way to survive the fire around us now is to gather together and storm right through it.  The Democrats are offering no quarter come November; they have flown the Jolly Roger high above their heads, and they mean to silence us however they must.  If there were any lingering hope that they would do otherwise, our current national incarceration has proved one more timely reminder that Democrats rule by fear and intimidation and have no interest in respecting our freedoms of speech, religion, or association, or our inherent right to protect and secure any of our basic civil liberties.  

I do not know whether the times make the man or whether certain men and women rise to shape the events and futures before them.  What does seem indisputable, though, is that Donald Trump has been an unexpectedly effective, instrument for defending freedom from our attackers.  Call him a blunt instrument, call him a president like none before him, but his form of concentrated energy and indomitable spirit have given us a battering ram against our enemies when no other tool would suffice.  If we are ever to achieve any semblance of peace in this country, victory in 2020 is imperative.  Only by shocking the world a second time is there any hope that we might awaken a global elite that still refuses to see that we exist.  It has the potential to explode the corrosive status quo once and for all.  It will be like detonating a nuclear bomb as a warning to try us no further. 

Hat tip to the Knights of the Road for “keepin’ on keepin’ on.”