The ‘Freesistance’ can Prevent Dems from Prolonging the Shutdown

Destroying America’s economy is the Democrat plan for stealing a presidency. They can live with the toll a closed economy will take on the lives and well-being of Americans -- it’s a small price to pay for the fundamental transformation of the United States of America they seek.

To many people’s surprise, Trump throughout his first term has been expert at shepherding the economy, which until the advent of the WuFlu was outperforming all eight years of Barry’s presidency. With low unemployment, tax reform, energy independence, etc., on his résumé, it looked as if the president was going to coast to reelection this November over an addlepated Joe Biden.

Andy Puzder , Attorney, author, businessman and former CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Hardee's and Carl's Jr writes in Fox News:

“While Trump promised that his administration would cut two government regulations for every new one, it actually cut 8.5, reducing the Federal Register to just under 73,000 pages, a 25 percent reduction from Obama’s historic high.

On December 22, 2017, Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reducing tax rates for individuals and businesses. It made America’s corporate tax rate competitive internationally, encouraged investment by allowing immediate expensing of certain capital investments, and increased individual deductions and credits.

By March of 2018, the unemployment rate hit 4 percent for the first time in eighteen years and remained at or below 4 percent for 24 consecutive months. In 2019, unemployment hit lows not seen since the government began reporting the data for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and people with only a high school education. For women, the unemployment rate hit a 65 year low, and for teenagers (aged 16–19) it hit a fifty-year low.

Also beginning in March of 2018 and continuing for 24 consecutive months, job openings exceeded people unemployed for the first time since the government began reporting the data.

Within a little over a year, we went from an economy where, under Obama, the biggest problem was too many people unemployed and not enough jobs to one where, under Trump, the biggest problem was employers being unable to find enough employees to fill the existing job openings.”

Now that Xi’s gift to the world has severely damaged most of the globe’s economies and particularly savaged that of America, Trump’s chance of a second term is something less than a sure thing.

Craven and desperate, the Democrats, having spent their time and efforts since Trump’s election trying various underhanded schemes to depose him, now see an opportunity to remove the biggest selling point for his continued presidency, a roaring economy.

What better way to derail the Trump train than to keep the economy closed until November 3, 2020, while blaming the misery on his mishandling of the Wuhan plague?

Originally, the rationale for closing the economy, sheltering in place, and social distancing was to prevent the overwhelming of nation’s medical system with COVID-19 patients. Having accomplished this goal with most hospitals laying off staff because they are operating below capacity (whether any of these actions are responsible for that success is debatable), they have moved the goalposts. They now maintain they are preventing the reemergence of the Chinese flu and saving lives. But we all know they care not one whit for how many live or die.

This is about stealing a presidency, nothing more and nothing less.

People, however, are rebelling. Already there have been growing protests over the dictatorial diktats of people such as Newsom, Whitmer, Cuomo, Pritzker, and Mills, et al. -- millenarians, every one of them -- pretty little tyrants all in a row.

Just as Thomas L. Friedman wished America could be China for a day, our own despots have seized the pandemic opportunity to order citizens around.

California is in the process of establishing a 20,000-man force specifically designed to track, trace, and isolate the infectious. They will go door to door checking people for the virus; those who show as infected are to be removed and placed in involuntary quarantine in government facilities -- maybe they will be forced to wear a big yellow “I” for infected when their involuntary quarantine is finished.

Perhaps, the Hugo Boss Company can design something spiffy for the force’s uniforms -- they have experience in that sort of thing.

When the Michigan State Legislature tried to remove Gretchen Whitmer’s ability to order around Michiganders, she decided to ignore the law and do as she pleased.

In Illinois, Pritzker issues “capricious coronavirus edicts” as if he is a Roman Emperor while insisting that the federal government give him $40 billion dollars so he can fill shortfalls in the state budget caused by years of Democratic Party mismanagement. He has shut down churches indefinitely -- gleefully threatening pastors with arrests and fines. There can be no god but the state.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept virus-infected patients. And since the virus is most deadly to the elderly and those with morbidities, this put New York’s most at-risk population at the most risk possible.

While Cuomo has very publicly professed his love for his 88-year-old mother, even using her safety as justification for his prolonged shutdown, he has no problem killing other people’s moms. Out of the 21K+ deaths from the virus in New York State, more than 5K have been from nursing homes.

Heather Mac Donald the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writing in the Hill:

“On Wednesday, Cuomo announced the “shocking” news that 84 percent of all hospital admissions were either people sheltering at home or nursing home residents. He shouldn’t have been surprised. The risk of coronavirus infection occurs overwhelmingly indoors. Researchers in China identified only one outdoor outbreak of infection among over a thousand cases studied. Most transmissions occurred at home, rendering the close-down-all-businesses-and-shelter-in-place rule contraindicated.”

Katherine Kersten. former conservative columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes:

“The COVID-19 death rate for people ages 18-45 in New York City, the American epicenter of the pandemic, is only 0.01%. In Minnesota, the median age of coronavirus deaths is 83, with 99.24% of deaths involving nursing home residents or people with underlying medical conditions. Most people who contract the virus have relatively mild symptoms or none. In Minnesota, the median age of coronavirus deaths is 83, with 99.24% of deaths involving nursing home residents or people with underlying medical conditions. Most people who contract the virus have relatively mild symptoms or none.”

Keeping America closed for business, however, will not only hurt Trump’s election prospects, it will take down the rest of the world’s economies as well. America is 16% of the world economy and China is 9%. With the American economy closed, China loses its biggest customer. The result will be a worldwide depression that will make the 1930s look like the stone age.

People do not have to allow this to go on. Americans should be protesting the continued closure of the economy. People have a right to feed their families as Shelly Luther eloquently told the small man behind the big desk.

When Trump was elected the Never-Trumpers and the Always-Hillarys called themselves “the resistance.” The millions of Americans who want to go back to work should follow their example by becoming an active “Freesistance” and “freesist” efforts to destroy America in order to steal a presidency.

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