No, Joe, Not All Black People Think Alike

"I'll tell you," Joe Biden famously said last week, "if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or for Trump, then you ain't black."

As the director and producer of the investigative film and book of the same name, The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America, I receive Google alerts on "Trayvon Martin" every day.  Since I put the film up on YouTube for a limited time, I have been hearing from a whole lot of black Americans who, by Biden's standards, "ain't black."

Spoiler alert: The film and book provide a mountain of evidence that the key prosecution witness in the trial of George Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter and fake witness.  During several depositions and at trial, she was substituted for Trayvon Martin's real girlfriend and the actual "phone witness" to his shooting death, her half-sister Brittany Diamond Eugene.  A whole lot of people knew about the witness fraud, including Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton, who is today a 2020 candidate for Miami-Dade commissioner.

Although "Diamond" Eugene did a staged phone interview under pressure with Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, she refused to repeat the same "Crumped up" narrative to authorities under oath.  The mentally challenged Jeantel had no such compunction.  She repeated Crump's easily disproved lies that Zimmerman stalked and then attacked Trayvon Martin.  Without Jeantel's concocted testimony, George Zimmerman would never have been arrested, let alone tried for Martin's murder.

Recently, two young black women have responded to the tragedy of Martin's death and Zimmerman's never-ending persecution.  One young lady, Mya Whiles, a senior at Camden Catholic High School in New Jersey, served up the version of events proffered by the major media since 2012.  Her composition, entitled "The Color of Peace," took top prize at Seton Hall University's Essay Contest.  She is young, and I mean her no ill will in quoting from her publicly published essay.

The second young lady I know only as "Wanda."  She posted hard-hitting remarks in the comments section after viewing The Trayvon Hoax on You Tube.  I know little about Wanda other than through her You Tube channel, "Wanda's Place," which she describes as "a place for real talk and real fun." 

Would-be President Biden, please take note: the contrast between the ways these two young black women see events is proof that not all black people think alike.  (I have translated some of Wanda's "urban English" below.)

Mya Whiles: My naive belief was shattered on February 26, 2012. That was the night that Trayvon Martin, who carried nothing more than an iced tea bottle and Skittles in his backpack, was killed. His death saddened and confused me. My young and idealistic mindset had led me to believe that we lived in a post racial society, where unjustifiable violence like what had happened to Trayvon Martin no longer existed.

Wanda: Wow [Joel], thank you so much for this investigation and video. I'm going to share this with all my family. Al Sharpton is a devil wolf in sheep's clothing. This is what Revelation speaks about. The anti-Christ that is in the church and the false prophet are going into the lake of fire.

Mya Whiles: Injustices, like those faced by Trayvon Martin, that have happened and continue to happen are a result of the racist and inherently violent attitude that society has toward African Americans.

Wanda: Now they are doing [the same thing] with this thug young man [Ahmaud Arbery] — paying his mom off to say he was simply jogging down the street. Black people fall for this all the time. But only a certain kind. Most of us have learned with a deep price. [We know] that these stories only happen every election year. BLM is nothing about black lives mattering. Real "Woke" black Americans know exactly what this is now.

Mya Whiles: I will never forget the talk my parents would later have with me in case I was pulled over by the police while driving. "Keep your hands on the steering wheel," my mother instructs me. African American parents all over the country engage in these sensitive conversations with their children. We are taught to be respectful in order to avoid the grimmest consequence of racism: death.

Wanda: I feel disgust for Trayvon's biological mother. What a douche bag that b---- is. She is now just like many other black democratic politicians. [She's] running for office and blacks who don't know better will vote for her.

Mya Whiles: The violence and ugliness of slavery never truly went away after Abraham Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation." Jim Crow laws and the violent effects they had on society deepened the wounds of slavery from which America has never healed.

Wanda: I think Andrew Gillum's [gay prostitute and drug party bust] was Trayvon's first revenge and pay back. I hope his mother is next and Sharpton and Crump and all who participated in making up this [hoax]. [It was] one of the worst errors in black victimization history. Notice how black people suddenly were silent [about Andrew Gillum]. And the white liberal media had nothing to say about him anymore. That's what the white liberal elitists do once they can no longer use you or lie on you to keep black Americans on that Democrat slave ship...well trained to keep blacks in line.  

Mya Whiles: My dream is to [become] ... a civil rights attorney.

Wanda: You made this documentary on Trayvon ... [and] we know this stuff is the truth. Thank you for putting facts to my suspicions. I hope many see this documentary and how dedicated you were to find out the real story.

The differences between Mya Whiles's and Wanda's ways of thinking are quite striking.  However, Joe Biden discerns blackness only in those black Americans who blindly buy the false narrative he and the Democrat party have been peddling for the last forty years.

In her own way, Mya Whiles is as much a victim as Trayvon.  Like so many young black American teens, she has fallen victim to what I call "The Trayvon Hoax."  This is the scam the media and Democrat politicians play on black Americans every four years to control their votes. The hoax goes like this: armed white men on the streets, police in particular, are looking to shoot black people for no reason other than their skin color.  If you are a real black person by Biden's logic, you are expected to be afraid, very afraid.  To protect yourself, you really have no choice but to vote Democrat; otherwise, "you ain't black."

Joe Biden's biggest fear is that more truly woke black Americans like Wanda will figure out "The Trayvon Hoax" before November.  Biden has reason to be afraid.

Hollywood film director Joel Gilbert is president of Highway 61 Entertainment.  Among his many films are political documentaries including The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America; Trump: The Art of the InsultThere's No Place Like UtopiaDreams from My Real FatherAtomic Jihad; and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam.