Michael Flynn Deserves a Justice Department Worthy of the Name

The exoneration of General Michael Flynn falls far short of justice being fully served.  Make no mistake.  Provided Judge Sullivan is compelled to do the right thing, it’s a step in the right direction.  But, even if Judge Sullivan does the right thing -- allows Flynn to withdraw his coerced plea and dismisses all charges against him -- complete justice requires more than just the innocent being acquitted of false charges perpetrated to serve personal, political, or ideological purposes.  It also requires that these wrongs be recognized as the crimes they are and be officially avenged.  Only then will damages inflicted by selfish, self-aggrandizing perpetrators upon the sanctity of the rule of law in our country approach being remedied. American citizens today would do well to consider the book of Esther, found in the Old Testament of the Bible.  This relatively short account tells of a high-level bureaucrat of the Persian empire named Haman,...(Read Full Article)
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