#MeToo: Then and Now, an Epic Farce

The Democratic Party is an unprecedented amalgam of The Truman Show–esque political fantasia; Manchurian candidacies; blood-splattered abattoir; epic, Homeric irony; People's Temple hysteria; terrorism-creators; and apologists and Leninist avaricious blood thirst for tyrannical coups.

In the Democrat bizarro world, all allegedly sexually assaulted women are created equal — but some are created more equal than others — just as the animals in Eric Blair (George Orwell)'s 1945 novella Animal Farm live under an illusory guise that all animals are created equal.

I wonder if Tara Reade, who was hired by then–U.S. senator Joe Biden in 1992, as a staff assistant, thought #MeToo would lend a collective sympathetic ear to her recent public claims that Biden sexually assaulted her shortly after her hiring.

The old #MeToo: Accuse a GOP-associated man of rape (U.S. Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh), and she's a martyred heroine akin to Joan of Arc (Christine Blasey Ford).

The new #MeToo:

Democratic National Committee: We believe Joe Biden.

DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex): Me too.

Hollywood (the head of the DMIC snake): Me too.

Democrat women: Me too.

Democrat men: Me too.

Epic, Homeric irony: Tens of millions of Democrats nationwide intend to vote for a man who allegedly actually grabbed a woman by the...well, you know.  (I'm not defending the statement and language of the 2016 Access Hollywood October surprise, but all Democrats know that President Trump never actually claimed to have grabbed any woman by her genitals.)

"Right to Be Believed"

The late, great, venerable U.S. Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia used to say that when his parents' generation were against something, they'd declare: there should be a law against that.  And if they wanted something, they'd declare: there should be a law for that.

To my knowledge, Scalia never publicly used the word "Democrat," but we know to whom he was referring when he talked about activist lawyers and judges.  For decades, Scalia forewarned of those who sold the fool's gold of a "living, breathing Constitution" that means whatever they, and other Democrats, want it to mean — rather than what it actually means, as was intended by the Framers.  His dire warnings were prescient.  Our Constitution is a contract.  The freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights are irrevocable, guaranteed rights.  The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn't say what it doesn't say that Democrats think it means.  Its irrevocability immunizes it from the fart-in-the-wind whims of public opinion, also known as the tyranny of the majority.  In the adult world, contracts are not living, breathing documents.

If a contract means whatever I want it to mean, then anything and everything is a "right."  One of those "rights" is that women who allege sexual assault or abuse or harassment of some sort have the "right to be believed."

Though this "right" has existed in some form or another for decades, its modern iteration was begotten by the Clinton campaign in January 2016.  At the time, Hillary Clinton introduced her law-and-order scam by claiming that every survivor of sexual assault has the "right to be heard," as well as the "right to be believed."  A month later, Clinton amended her made-up "right," announcing that women were entitled to a "right to be heard."

This fictional "right" came in handy for Clinton after the Access Hollywood tape.

Following our win in 2016, the "right to be heard" and "right to be believed" dissipated — until 2018, when it made a roaring comeback, with a bloodthirsty vengeance. 

I vividly recall the shock and horror of the Kavanaugh hearings.  I was a teenager during Justice Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearings, in which his integrity was impugned and he was accused of sexually harassing a former colleague.  The allegations levied against Thomas were tame compared to what Kavanaugh was accused of — raping a teenage girl when he, himself, was a teenager.  Do I believe that Thomas sexually harassed Anita Hill?  No.  Do I believe that sexual harassment and assault have likely happened more than we know?  Yes.

What Kavanaugh was accused of, however, is the unequivocal worst crime a man can commit against a woman and is comparable only to sexual abuse of children.  During the hearings, I explicitly detailed how Democrats and the DMIC employed the tactics of one of their demigods, Saul Alinsky.  His "rules for radicals" were on full display for those who knew how to recognize them.

I say all the time that not enough Republicans understand the Democrats' tactics; to defeat an opponent, you must know him better than he knows himself.  In the case of Kavanaugh, the Democrats took their "right to be believed" to unprecedented heights of unconstitutionality.

Do I know for certain that Biden did what he was accused of?  No, and neither do you; there are only two human beings on Earth who truly know.  While there is slightly more of a paper trail supporting Reade's claims than there was for Ford's, there is no evidence thus far publicly presented beyond he said, she said.  We constitutional nationalists believe that Biden should be afforded the same presumption of innocence that Democrats never afforded Kavanaugh.

Meanwhile, stretch limousine liberal Bread Line Bernard Sanders has called for a thorough investigation by the media of Reade's allegations — hiring the arsonist to investigate the arson.

Fact is, Democrats didn't give a damn about Kavanaugh's accuser; they cared only about scaring him into withdrawing.  Thank God he didn't, and thank God Trump didn't demand his withdrawal.

Today, it's Kavanaugh.  Tomorrow, maybe it's your son, husband, or brother.  Who are the actual victims in this #MeToo farce?  Legitimately assaulted women and wrongly accused men.

That the Democrats and DMIC so unhesitatingly sided with Kavanaugh's accuser not only immolated a uniquely American legal tenet of the accuser's preponderance-of-evidence burden, but also set back by decades the equality many good women spent years working for.

Democrats cannot be permitted to be judge, jury, and executioner on the basis that absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence; women with bona fide sexual assault claims will be hated by one half of the country, depending on her political leanings.  If I were a woman in America, I'd trade #MeToo for #ThanksForNothing; add women's equality to the list of genuine political progress irreparably damaged by Democrats.  Wham, bam, thanks for nothing, Ma'am.

Rich Logis is host of The Rich Logis Show, at TheRichLogisShow.com, and author of the upcoming book 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-up Again.  He can be found on Twitter at @RichLogis.