How Do You Solve a Problem Like Joe Biden?

The Sound of Music is an iconic movie, the type Hollywood no longer makes, much to the detriment of their financial bottom line. One of the famous songs from the movie is called Maria, sung by the abbey nuns, describing the "flibbertigibbet" Maria, a free-spirited young postulant, out of place as a future nun.

Fast forward from movie's 1965 release to today. Instead of the austere nuns singing about Maria, the Democrat party and the media (sorry to be redundant) are singing about their latest problem, a lost soul named Joe Biden.

They are singing to each other, "How do you solve a problem like Joe Biden?"  The original song actually describes Biden quite well, similar to how the nuns characterized Maria, "A clown." Paraphrasing the lyrics further, "Many a thing you know you'd like to tell him, Many a thing he ought to understand." Unfortunately, he is "as flighty as a feather." And for the Democrat party's dreams of retaking the White House, "He's a headache."

The party of diversity and intersectionality ended up with an old rich heterosexual white guy as their candidate, turning up their noses at candidates of color, women, and a homosexual. Their second choice was another old rich heterosexual white guy, but that one was supposedly too extreme for the Democrat base, despite Bernie and Joe having few disagreements on policy.

At least Bernie could string a few sentences together and present a coherent vision for his "Amerika," misguided as it was. Poor Joe needs a kick in the pants to know he is being asked a question. Otherwise he stands next to his wife, whom he might confuse with his sister, like a cigar store Indian, not to be confused the real Indian that Democrat primary voters rejected.

Engaged in softball interviews from his basement, reading from a script, Joe can’t make it through a sentence before forgetting the question or the first half of his answer. If Joe is not in the early, or perhaps beyond early, stages of dementia, none of his supporters have explained his behavior other than "That's Joe being Joe."

Funny that the media never says "That's Trump being Trump" given that his personality and style have not changed over the decades he has been in the public eye. Instead, Ivy League psychiatrists are quick to remotely  diagnose President Trump's supposed mental illness but cannot seem to offer any thoughts on Biden's declining mental faculties.

Trump took, and passed with flying colors, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, “The first president to undergo memory screening.” Will Biden take a similar exam? Fat chance.

How do the Democrats solve a problem like Joe?

The problems are myriad and not going away. Biden certainly can’t make a case for himself when he can’t even remember under whom he served as vice president.

Start with his forgetfulness and gaffes, well chronicled and not worth repeating. The term gaffe is a euphemism for a harmless verbal slip up, glossing over the frequency and severity. Both Presidents Bush occasionally tripped over their words, but they were not showing signs of impaired cognition, something quite worrisome in the guy potentially in charge of the US government and nuclear arsenal.

Biden’s China and Ukraine problems aren’t going away. Investigations continue, from Rudy Giuliani to Senate Republicans, peeling back the layers of Biden Family corruption rivaled only by the Clintons and their money laundering foundation. Senate Republicans, to the surprise of many, are actually investigating Ukrainian election meddling. They must be over the target since Barack Obama weighed in, “privately blasting” investigations into Biden and his son.

Since professional sports are indefinitely on hold, what better as a replacement summer pastime than Senate hearings into corruption of the presumed Democrat nominee for president. How does the DNC solve a problem like Joe Biden?

The #MeToo movement is a boomerang Democrats gleefully threw at Brett Kavanaugh but as boomerangs are prone to do, is now headed back toward the Democrat throwers. Tara Reade, a former Biden Senate junior staffer, credibly accused Joe of sexually assaulting her 27 years ago. This is not a one off he-said, she-said incident. Biden has a long history of predatory behavior, as chronicled by Business Insider.

Photos of Biden sniffing hair and inappropriately grabbing or touching women, both young and old, are all over the internet. As are his comments about young boys rubbing his hairy legs. What would happen to Mitch McConnell or Devin Nunes if they acted like Biden?

The harridans of the Senate were quick to lecture us to “believe all women” and are now suddenly uncomfortably silent over whether to believe Biden’s accusers. Crazy Mazie Hirono, who during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings told men to, “just shut up and step up” has a bad case of laryngitis and can’t find much to say about the man about to lead her party into the electoral abyss. Although privately I’d bet my house that she wants Joe to “just shut up.”

Another new summer pastime is ahead, not the boys of summer, but instead the girls of summer, once again defending a sexual predator in their own party, just as they did decades ago for Bill Clinton. We are told to follow the advice of enabler-in-chief Hillary Clinton to “get over it”, referring to Biden’s #MeToo problem. Try as they might, the media can’t bury this story.

Joe can try to defend himself and explain away his actions. Or perhaps his wife can speak for him, as she often does, while he nibbles her fingers. That will be another Trump 2020 campaign commercial in the making.

YouTube screen grab

You know it’s bad when the New York Times is singing “How do you solve a problem like Joe Biden.” In a recent op-ed, a columnist concluded, “Democrats need to begin formulating an alternative strategy for 2020 — one that does not include Mr. Biden.” The DNC already jiggered the primaries to get their desired candidate. Will they dump Biden at the last minute, replacing him with two-time loser Hillary Clinton or the inexperienced wife of the spygate keystone Barack Obama?

Panic in DC, as Q likes to say, over the chosen candidate of the ruling class party, about to do a sequel to The Titanic.

It’s not just the DC elites who are nervous. A Morning Consult poll of Democrats revealed that 26 percent want a different nominee. It’s only May and the Biden hits just keep on coming. By the time August rolls around, Joe’s only supporters may be his family, and the Clintons and Obamas, eager to keep their spygate secrets from seeing the light of day.

Good luck with that. Trump knows what happened and as he tweeted, “My next piece is called…nothing can stop what is coming.” Meanwhile the Democrats and their media allies have a big problem they don’t know how to solve – Joe Biden. Paraphrasing the song, “Joe is not an asset to the party.”

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and QuodVerum.


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