Donald Trump -- A Consequential President

My, what interesting times we are living in. Never have the motives of elitists and corrupt leaders been made more crystal clear to serious thinking Americans than in the last four years. It’s as if a brilliant light has been shone on those who place self-aggrandizement, partisanship, and globalism over the interests of the American people they have been elected to serve.

Many people have rightly called President Ronald Reagan a transformational figure -- it could be strongly argued that his policies helped to shape America in the latter decades of the 20th Century. I strongly agree with this assessment of Mr. Reagan. In fact, I am huge and devoted admirer of our 40th President. With that said, I believe that in just one term (so far), Donald Trump has not only proven to be just as transformational, but, dare I say it, more consequential. While Reagan restored American pride and strength, Trump, like a poultice, is drawing out the poisons that are sapping its pride and strength.

In our age of masks, how appropriate that the disguises have been removed from blue state governors, revealing their totalitarian penchants.  In their arrogance, they either don’t care or are unaware that we the people see through their schemes to slow walk the opening of their states so they can damage the economy and cause a backlash against President Trump.  

Conservatives are also well aware of the loud silence of the Republican Party during this crisis. Why are the voices backing up the President are so few in number?  Well, we know the answer, because we know many of our Republican leaders despise the president. As conservatives, it has been very troubling to find out that many on our side who we thought were patriots have turned out to be turncoats to be despised. We can thank President Trump for that.

Partisanship, globalism, greed, and outright hatred have been exposed for all to see during this Wuhan virus crisis. None of these have the interests of public safety at heart, only keeping the public in fear and demanding groupthink. What else could explain the brazen censorship of contrary opinions to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) by platforms such as Facebook and YouTube? What else could explain the attacks and outright dismissals of hydroxychloroquine as a viable treatment for a person in the early stages of COVID-19 infection? Trump has been showing signs of late that he is on to these schemes to undermine the country and his presidency; most recently announcing to a stunned adversarial press that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc to protect against the Wuhan virus.

It is provocative moves like the above that has endeared President Trump to freedom-loving Americans while causing his enemies to become unhinged and overreaching. Evidence that most Americans do not blame Trump for the shutdowns has been reflected in recent polling that the left has done its best to play down and ignore.

The people are beginning to understand in greater numbers that their local and state governments only care about their opinions during elections.  They are witnessing the consequences of authorities that have forgotten that their power derives from the people and not the other way around. As a result, we are seeing pushback in the form of protests and outright refusal to abide by arbitrary dictates. Again, this is thanks to President Trump.

There are interests invested in making sure our new normal is one of perpetual fear, face coverings, and social distancing. These entities do not want a strong and prosperous United States leading the world. They want to stamp out rugged individualism by turning us into masked drones whose only duty should be obedience to the experts. They want people to live under the new normal of drive-by birthdays, shaming of neighbors and blind conformity. These elitists think that by telling us every day of a new normal that we will believe and accept this. They tried to do the same four years ago when Americans were told daily leading up to the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton would be president. How did that work out?

The worldwide left has hated Trump for beating Hillary and it is that hatred that has motivated their schemes to take him out.  Hatred, however, is nothing but poison in a person’s heart that eats away at their psyche and causes recklessness. Their hatred of Trump has drawn out the schemes of partisans and globalists into the light. As with the Mueller investigation and impeachment, so shall these COVID-19 lockdowns boomerang on leftist political leaders.

In the meantime, do your part as a freedom-loving American to resist the politics of fear. Speak up and march as needed, but most importantly, stand on truth. We have a truly consequential president who is providing the example.

Dex Bahr is the author of the book No Christian Man is an Island. He is also a freelance writer and lecturer.

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