Chinese Fortune Cookie for 2020: 'Orange Man Bad'

There will be no official "Chinese collusion" in 2020.  There will be plenty of collusion among the Democratic Party, the American press, and the Chinese Communist Party to prevent President Trump from winning re-election come November.  It just won't be reported or turned into a news story of any kind.  Journalists will not spend the next six months breathlessly screaming about the national security implications of America's most lethal geopolitical foe "waging war" on American democracy.  Reporters will not accuse Joe Biden of being a bought and paid for Chinese spy.  There will be no special counsel investigations into Chinese influence on Facebook or Twitter or on random quilting messaging boards.  Neither Robert Mueller nor Rod Rosenstein will invent some dangerous new interpretation of the First Amendment to turn online political speech by Chinese internet trolls into criminal fraud against the United States.  Nobody will talk about the large American corporations now controlled by Chinese interests or the large amount of prime real estate the Chinese communists secretly own from Bangor, Maine to San Diego, California.  Nobody will care that the state-owned Bank of China provided Hunter Biden's investment firm with $1.5 billion in financing for development of the same facial recognition surveillance software the communist dictatorship uses to control its citizens' movements.  Just as anyone who questions the veracity of the 2016 "Russian collusion" myth is dismissed as a quackish conspiracist by the mainstream media, anyone who points out the obvious "Chinese collusion" taking place right before our eyes will be just as quickly accused of quackery, too.  It will be the most important story of the 2020 election that never merits mentioning.

For most of the mainstream press, this glaring journalistic malpractice is yet another testament to how un-American they really are: their hatred of President Trump outweighs any nagging regret they might harbor for aiding and abetting Beijing's security interests.  Just as Ted Kennedy and members of the American press conspired with Soviet general secretary Yuri Andropov to defeat President Reagan in the 1984 election in exchange for a promise to scrap Reagan's plan to deploy mid-range nuclear weapons to Western Europe, China Joe and the American press will justify weakening the United States security posture against China today if it means victory for the Democrats and their communist friends tomorrow.

The Chinese communists are at war with America, the press have chosen a side, and we're not on it.  In the last five months, China has negligently or intentionally released a virus from Wuhan's Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory; covered up the existence and spread of the disease by "disappearing" doctors and journalists; denied the communicability and lethality of the virus when containment was possible; bullied and bribed the World Health Organization into praising the Chinese Communist Party's handling of the emerging epidemic; sent its citizens on airplanes around the world so that the resulting infection and economic misery would be shared by all; held the United States hostage by denying life-saving drugs and medical equipment; threatened U.S. naval vessels with EMP attacks and near-miss collisions; preposterously deflected all of this bad behavior onto the Trump administration through a spectacular regimen of propaganda gladly eaten up and served back to the world by a compliant, snake-in-the-grass Western press; and taken advantage of the global chaos it initiated by escalating its conquest of the South China Sea, taking over territorial fishing and mining claims belonging to other nations, and disrupting international shipping lanes, all while strengthening its industrial stranglehold of the West by maximizing the damage to its overseas competitors during the crippling economic shutdown it created.  China has terrorized the world with its lies and malicious behavior and has taken every advantage to make the pain and suffering as bad as possible.  It has been a friend to no one but itself.  In a world crisis of its own making, its priorities have been to quash free speech and calls for governmental reform in Hong Kong; bully Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia into conceding legal territorial possessions; and blackmail American companies from repositioning their supply lines away from Chinese soil.

For decades, China has manipulated its currency, dumped its steel to destroy American industry, sent us poisoned dog food and cheap plastic trinkets, and pursued a barely concealed geostrategic chess game against the U.S. in preparation for future war.  In every sense of the word, the Chinese Communist Party declares itself our enemy.  Yet every day the American press corps parrots China's official state-issued talking points as gospel while calling the president of the United States a liar and villain to his face.  To them, it is more important to worry whether a geographically correct description of the Wuhan coronavirus conveys unconscious racial animus on the part of everyday Americans than to investigate whether China's deliberate efforts to suppress discussion of the virus' existence or potential methods for its containment ultimately generated far greater death and economic destruction around the world than the Chinese acknowledge.

The media ignore China's use of concentration camps for imprisoning and "re-educating" millions of their citizens.  They ignore China's absolute control of "politically correct" speech through an ever-expanding surveillance matrix.  They ignore China's race-based segregation and sex-based slavery.  They ignore the Chinese Communist Party's explicitly stated intention to destroy the United States and become the master civilization of our future world.  Since the collapse of Nazi Germany, the world has never witnessed a more menacing proclamation by a national government that a "mandate of heaven" justifies a right to rule over all other nations.  And just like Winston Churchill's repeatedly ignored warnings about that evil empire and "the gathering storm" leading to WWII, the Democrats and American media today have taken up the mantle of Neville Chamberlain in ignoring the looming storm that might well engulf us in WWIII.  The press shed false tears over President Trump's aspersions toward their profession, when it is China that rules those people from afar.  Like the Midwestern industry and manufacturing plants our ruling establishment gladly handed over to the communists long ago, the American press give their allegiance to our enemies willingly and with open arms.

On the issue of communist China, the 2020 election could not be more stark.

Trump: "China is raping our country."  They are "neither an ally or a friend — they want to beat us and own our country." 

Biden: "China is going to eat our lunch?  Come on, man."

Trump: "The Chinese M.O. is simple — Lie, Cheat & Steal in all international dealings."  Chinese negotiators "want to take your throat out, they want to cut you apart.  These are tough people.  I've dealt with them all my life."

Biden: "[The Chinese communists] are not bad folks, folks[.] ... They're not competition for us."

Trump: "There are people who wish I wouldn't refer to China as our enemy.  But that's exactly what they are.  They have destroyed entire industries by utilizing low-wage workers, cost us tens of thousands of jobs, spied on our businesses, stolen our technology, and have manipulated and devalued their currency, which makes importing our goods more expensive — and sometimes, impossible."  China's outmaneuvering of the United States represents "the greatest theft in the history of the world."

Biden: "I believe that a rising China is a positive development — not only for China but also for the United States and the world."

Does the world's largest communist dictatorship have a vested interest in the outcome of our presidential election?  Obviously.  Is China's highly motivated effort to elect Joe Biden president newsworthy?  Of course.  Will it get any attention from the American media in 2020?  Absolutely not.  In typical Chinese fortune cookie form, all they know is distilled into three sad, transfixing words: Orange Man Bad.

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