Will Americans Let Coronavirus Panic Destroy Their Liberty?

This current balance of power in America is unsustainable and will not hold much longer.  We just slinked past the 245th anniversary of the "shot heard round the world," and most Americans were too busy hunkering down and obeying government directives to remember how heavy the price for liberty always is.  There is a rumbling right now below our feet, though, and these tremors may well split the earth around us if our elected leadership do not yield to common sense and shared American purpose. This moment in history is opening up before us two paths — one in which we reclaim for ourselves the truth that all legitimate power begins with individual consent and another that deviates sharply from our shared past by giving to the State the ultimate authority for determining what rights each one of us may freely call our own.  Down the path of freedom we must take solid steps, for the other path promises to swallow us whole.   I...(Read Full Article)
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