The Pharisaical Spirit

Here is what Jesus says about the ruling class of his day.  He said this after he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, shortly after he overturned the tables of the money-changers:

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.”

There can be a spirit of ugliness that inhabits a ruling class, let’s call it pharisaical hardness.  When that spirit of ugliness rears its head, it deserves confrontation -- Jesus made that quite clear.  Today we face a set of groups that rival the hypocrisy, and yes, evils that were evident back then.  Groups this low deserve to be called out loudly, aggressively, passionately.  Because those who belong to them have become twice the spawn of hell as the ones who discipled them.


It’s not possible to say enough bad things about these people.  They were recruited by jackals of the first degree; “journalism” professors, famous television anchors, famous reporters, famous politicians, mostly from another generation.  These so-called giants were never particularly great people.  If put under the microscope the way they do their “enemies,” they would be shown as having plankton-like beliefs, and amoral, often immoral attitudes that would shame the whitest of white-washed tombs.

Yet here are their disciples today, at every.  single.  press.  conference.  Framing their questions in minutes, and paragraphs of invective towards those (primarily Trump) who are trying to give statements and facts.  These “journalists” know that they will be feted as heroes by their fellow sons and daughters of hell, be paid lots of money, and given blue checks galore for being such nasty pieces of work.

You would think that during a national crisis they would be interested in serious questions that would inform the public.

But they’re not, and we can see what they are doing.  They are doing the bidding of their Pharisaical teachers.  The ones that turned their disciples into twice the spawn of hell they were.  The liars.  The narrative builders.  They can’t control themselves in their lust to blurt out to the journolist world-order their contempt for Trump.

You would think that after dragging us through the mud, prompted mostly by their own made-up stories for the past three years that they would change in the light of a real crisis.  Instead, believing their own faked crises every day for over three years has emboldened rather than humiliated them.

We’ll have to endure them until somebody drives them from the Temple.  Until we as a nation stop rewarding their childish, boorish, sick, greedy, grubby way of thinking.


This party that has allowed the hard left to dictate what they do; the hard left that hates anything good, boos God at their conventions, wants to kill babies after they are born alive, wants to allow men to pretend they are women to harvest gold medals in women’s sports, wants to set up easy ways to cheat in elections, wants to blame everyone else when they lose, wants to force us into cities, mass transit,  give illegal aliens more rights than citizens, wants you to believe that in spite of the evidence, that 95% of #meetoo offenders (Bill Clinton, Weinstein, literally all of them hard lefties) weren’t really Democrat supporters, wants you to believe that every gnat their opponents imbibe is a camel, and every camel they swallow is a gnat, wants to destroy the free market, wants themselves to be experts in all things, wants themselves to run America like they have run every once great country into the ground, wants to pretend science is what they say it is, wants to empower themselves over all, wants to enthrone a useless set of unelected bureaucrats (twice the sons of hell as themselves) with unlimited power over you.

And I don’t mean just Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

Although most are like her.  Stupid, officious, sanctimonious, wielding power they should never have been given.  It’s pretty typical that this silly fool of a poor pretense of a feminist governor has done what she has done.

Edicts about drugs.  Edicts against buying seeds.  Edicts against buying paint.  Edicts about buying American flags. Edicts about being in a boat.  Edicts about shutting golf courses.  Edicts making abortion a critical service.  Edicts about landscaping.  Edicts about furniture.  Edicts about not being able to go to a second home.  Edicts about not gathering for religious meetings.  Edicts about people in counties that have had not one COVID case stopping work, staying home, and doing nothing.  All the while she was the one who failed Detroit.  And none of her silly pharisaical edicts will stop the virus or save anyone from it. 

Why didn’t she shut Detroit down earlier?  Well, she couldn’t be racist, right?  And now she is the poster child for their VP pick.

Perfect.  The self-anointing of the self-righteous.

Am I angry?  You’re damn straight I am.

The hard left has its tentacles in most everything, and quietly and sanctimoniously runs way too much.  These are the people giving fines to people who want to worship in separate cars.  These are the people who ask others to tattle on those walking on golf courses.  Or paddle boarding alone.  Those two groups, the hard-left media and the Democratic Party, champion all this officious nonsense, and they now need to be driven out.

Out of power.

Those who vote for them need to have the scales fall from their eyes.  Those enslaved by the media need a modern underground railroad to help them escape.

To the naïve on the right who don’t know that these are institutions driven by ugly and evil principles, kindly wake up.  To those in the center who allow the hard left to dominate, wake up.  These are not good people.

To those principled on the left that have not walked away -- it’s time.  These people you support, those people you vote in, aren’t nice, they aren’t kind, they aren’t smart, they aren’t cutting edge, and they certainly aren’t liberal or openminded.

They never were. 

Their tables need to be overturned.

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