Tara Reade and the Democrats

The Tara Reade sexual allegation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden has revealed the Democrats’ true colors once again.

Many of us recall how Democrats pounced on then-candidate Donald Trump when an audio tape was released of him having a conversation with Billy Bush in 2005 in which Trump said: “[Y]ou can do anything [to women] when you’re a star.”  Despite Trump saying: “This was locker room banter,” Hillary Clinton, who was hoping to gain momentum for her own election bid, criticized Trump’s comments as “horrific.”  She tweeted: “We cannot allow this man to become president.”

After Trump won the election, we had the Stormy Daniels saga in which the #MeToo movement decried Trump’s unfitness to be president. Yet if we analyze the accusation against presidential hopeful Joe Biden by Tara Reade, her allegation is far graver than simple “locker room talk” or adultery.

As reported by the New York Times, according to Tara Reade -- a Senate staffer for then-senator Biden in 1993 -- Biden approached her in the Capitol building, pushed her against a wall, and inserted his fingers inside her.  She was later fired from his office when she voiced concerns.  Her brother, friend, and former neighbor have all affirmed that she had informed them of what had transpired shortly after the incident.  A video from that same year, which recently appeared, shows her mother calling in to CNN’s Larry King Live to ask about “problems” her daughter had encountered with “a prominent senator.”  As has become quite evident, because Biden is a liberal, pursuing justice has become partial.

Reade’s allegation is now more corroborated than anything Christine Blasey Ford leveled against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, for example, right before his Senate confirmation hearings.  Yet he was grilled by Democrat Senator Kamala Harris of California during his Senate confirmation hearings.  It appears, as a columnist said, Harris “has a selective sympathy for women who accuse men of sexual assault.  Because he was conservative, Harris found Kavanaugh a ripe target.  But a woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexual assault has been ignored by the California Democrat.”

In a statement to Fox News, Reade said:

“Despite the fact I come from a family of Democrats.  I worked for Leon Panetta, [California] State Sen. Jack O’Connell and Joe Biden.  I worked hard for the Democratic Party as a young woman. It is obvious by the tremendous smears about me leveled by [the] Biden campaign and supporters after I came forward about Biden and the complete lack of support from any Democrat that they care more about protecting Joe Biden than addressing the serious allegations by me and the other seven women who complained about his misconduct.”

Instead the anti-Trump media heavyweights and left-wing Biden supporters have all but blacked out the story.  The New York Times apparently delayed publishing Reade’s accusation for nearly three weeks under the rationale that executive editor Dean Baquet wanted to do more research to help readers “understand”  -- a luxury notably not afforded to Kavanaugh, whom the Times hammered).  CNN waited one full day to mention Reade’s allegations, failed to break the news of Reade’s mother’s appearance on their own network, and allowed Anderson Cooper to interview Biden without asking a single question about the purported assault.

In December 2017, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez said that any candidate or elected official “who has engaged in sexual misconduct [should] step aside.”  The DNC has yet to make any public announcement on the Reade allegation. And while the Biden campaign has denied Reade’s accusation, Biden himself has yet to personally address the matter.  #MeToo leader Alyssa Milano, usually eager to see men like Biden get their comeuppance, has equally remained silent.  The fact that she has suddenly discovered due process now that a candidate she favors stands accused is both inappropriate and shameful: “We have to societally change that mindset to believing women, but that does not mean at the expense of not giving men their due process and investigating situations.  It’s got to be fair in both directions.”

Not everyone on the left, however, has remained silent.  Senator Bernie Sanders, who suspended his presidential campaign but still remains on the ballot, stated in a tweet Reade’s accusation as “credible.”  And feminist and actress Rose McGowan accused Milano of being “a fraud” for going “after Trump & Kavanaugh” and not Biden.

This does not mean that the DNC will drop Biden for another candidate with the hope of beating President Trump in November.  Nevertheless, the #MeToo movement and their liberal comrades, in their tough-on-crime approach that portrayed self-proclaimed conservative men like Kavanaugh and Trump as misogynist kingpins, have shown their double-standard character by granting clemency for Biden. They think, for the time being, that defeating Trump is the more urgent cause -- Hillary Clinton has yet to have to withdraw her endorsement of Biden; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has recently endorsed the former Vice President in his White House bid, amid development in sexual assault claim.

Politics will always be politics.  Yet the present subjective political polarity, which is probably making our Founding Fathers roll in their graves -- and Democrats are not the only guilty ones -- has prioritized personal political agenda over our country’s honor and national interest.  Whether this comes back to haunt the Democrats in November, time will tell.  Regardless, the manner in which those who compulsively pronounced a guilty verdict on Kavanaugh before even considering the evidence -- faulty as it was -- or classifying President Trump as a male chauvinist and subsequently unfit for office because of his crass comments while looking the other way when Biden has fallen under the “same predicament,” is both inappropriate and shameful.