K–12: Ten Lies Teachers Tell You

Hopefully, no one will forget our debt to Rudolf Flesch.  He was a great man with a great mind. Almost forty years ago, Flesch published Why Johnny STILL Can't Read, wherein he continued his crusade against Whole Word (AKA Whole Language, Sight-Words, and other aliases).  In this book, Flesch attacked the Education Establishment and its counterfeit merchandise in a unique way.  He pointed out that all the things the professors assert most loudly and proudly are nothing but alibis — a polite way of saying lies. Has there ever been a field, in all of human history, that could be best defined by its alibis and lies?  And not just a few of them.  There are ten big ones.  Identifying and illuminating them are where Flesch's genius shone. Our Education Establishment, in its dedication to falsity, is almost superhuman.  After all these years, these people are still pushing the same inferior...(Read Full Article)
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