Joe Biden’s #MeToo Problem

Joe Biden has a YUGE political (and maybe criminal) problem that the Republicans should exploit, given that the mainstream media is something of a joke and has largely ignored this story. Let’s just say if Joe Biden were a Republican instead of a Democrat, this story would be competing with the coronavirus epidemic for the front-page headlines, if the #MeToo movement were to hold Biden to the same standard as a Republican. Even so, there is plenty of time between now and November to hammer Biden and the Democratic Party in general for serious allegations of sexual assault dating back to the early 1990s.

These allegations ought to destroy the presidential aspirations of Joe Biden if there is anything resembling equal justice in the court of public opinion because, unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Tara Reade actually has witnesses who reportedly corroborate her allegations. Of course, Joe does have much of the mainstream media on his side -- my hat tip comes from a professional journalist who said he’d get fired if he wrote this story himself.

Tara Reade (YouTube screen grab)

Nor is Reade Biden’s only accuser.  According to Business Insider, at least eight different women have accused Biden of inappropriate behavior over the years. As If to eliminate the possibility of the claim being disputed, an oversized photo accompanied the article showing Biden with his nose practically pressed against the face of Coast Guard officer Erin Talbot at her commencement ceremony. Can’t really say it ain’t so, Joe. Well, you could, but nobody would believe you. We’ve seen it too many times on live television, right before our very eyes.

Lucy Flores claimed that Biden had inappropriately sniffed her hair and kissed the back of her hand at a 2014 campaign rally. We have ubiquitous video evidence that Biden routinely manhandles women and female children, even in front of the media, so it really isn’t debatable whether or not we should believe Flores.  Just click on the hyperlink in the paragraph above if you have any residual doubts that Biden deserves the nickname “Creepy Joe”, not “Sleepy Joe.”

The Democrats have three strategies they typically employ when one of their own get the “Bret Kavanaugh” treatment. First, they try to simply ignore the story. Democrats and the liberal media can try, but the details are out there, ready and waiting to be shared with the general public. There is a difference between successfully suppressing harmful information and keeping it from being widely disseminated. These women deserve to be afforded the right to have their voices heard, correct? Or, do we have to wear ridiculous pink hats and scream accusations only about Republicans at the top of our lungs to be heard?  Plan “A,” ignoring the problem, simply won’t work in this case.

As Plan “B,” the tactic favored by Democrats and their media allies is to attack the source of the story (because most of the media turns a blind eye to Democrat indiscretions most of the time) as biased “right-wing” media. Especially If they can demonize Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity in the process. If all else fails, they can blame it on Fox News. The problem with that strategy is I first read about Tara Reade in VOX, not Fox.  Lucy Flores wrote about her unpleasant experience with Joe Biden at The Cut. To say these are not conservative or “right-wing” media outlets would be an understatement bordering on absurdity; it would be like arguing Josef Stalin was a compassionate humanitarian in spite of overwhelming evidence of the Holodomor.

According to Reade’s very troubling #MeToo account, Joe Biden digitally raped her in 1993 when she was working for him as a staffer in his Senate office at the time. As that Vox article described the horrific incident: “…he pushed her up against a wall in a secluded area, began kissing her, and reached under her skirt to penetrate her with his fingers. After she pulled away, she says he responded with something along the lines of, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.” Reade said Biden also said something that sticks with her today: “You’re nothing to me.””

Finally, if all else fails, plan “C” is to assassinate the character of the accuser. Remember how James Carville famously said that you could drag a $100-dollar bill through the parking lot of a trailer park to find a woman like Paula Jones after she had accused President Clinton of sexual harassment?  But the legal settlement actually cost Clinton eight thousand Benjamins. Not just one. Speaking of “Benjamins” don’t hold your breath waiting for Medea Benjamin of Code Pink to side with the accusers over Joe Biden. It’s about the politics, or should I say the party affiliation of the political figure involved in the given controversy. Liberals simply don’t care about the sexual improprieties of Democrats, as long as the politician supports abortion.

When Republicans were told we had to believe Christine Blasey Ford in spite of the total absence of evidence, we were reminded that it was Doctor Ford to us peons. Hillary Clinton had the audacity to tell Rachel Maddow that in her opinion Ford and other sexual assault accusers deserved the benefit of our doubt (in spite of Ford’s witnesses actually disputing her story). In fact, Hillary even had the chutzpah to say “there can’t be one set of rules for Democrats and one set of rules for Republicans” with a straight face, although it may be possible that was only because Botox made any other face impossible.

But unlike Christine Blasey Ford, we actually have good reasons to believe Tara Reade and Lucy Flores. Both of them are Democrats. In the instance of Flores, who made the slightly less troubling accusation that Biden had kissed her and touched her inappropriately, the incident happened at her own political rally. Shortly after Biden allegedly assaulted Tara Reade in 1993, she confided her account in a friend and her brother shortly after the sexual assault happened, which makes two more corroborating witnesses than Christine Blasey Ford.

Unfortunately, also unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Flores and Reade shouldn’t expect any to receive any outside help or to have a seven-figure GoFundMe account fully funded for their “legal fees.” Nor should they hope to receive any of the $600k excess funds that Ford donated to organizations that support trauma survivors, because Democrats tend to only support other Democrats who accuse Republicans of inappropriate behavior. Accuse a Democrat, and you’re on your own. The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, founded as part of the MeToo movement, refused to help Reade because they were afraid it might jeopardize their nonprofit status.

Please remember that Lucy Flores is a former Democrat politician, and she is the person who wrote about Biden,

“I had never experienced anything so blatantly inappropriate and unnerving before. Biden was the second-most powerful man in the country and arguably, one of the most powerful men in the world. He was there to promote me as the right person for the lieutenant governor job. Instead, he made me feel uneasy, gross, and confused. The vice-president of the United States of America had just touched me in an intimate way reserved for close friends, family, or romantic partners — and I felt powerless to do anything about it.”

And then remember, Reade’s allegations are worse. Even if one can’t expect the media to do their job, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get this story into the mainstream between now and November. All it should take is one person mentioning Reade or Flores by name and Joe will be almost sure to lose his mind and start threatening people. Joe can’t even handle questions about Hunter’s inappropriate treatment of women and illegitimate children without losing his temper. In the event Biden’s mind is so far gone that he didn’t recognize their names and vacuously stared off into space should Trump mention them in a debate, that won’t be a good look for old Creepy Joe, either. If Biden gets angry and loses his cool, that’s bad for his image. If he looks lost and confused as he is also prone to do, arguably that’s even worse. Either way, Joe is going to look terrible no matter how he reacts when confronted about these allegations.

The only reasons people might think they have to vote for Biden are the constant criticisms about Trump’s character and the claim he’s unfit to hold the office, but now we know that isn’t a legitimate reason to vote for Joe Biden -- not for President, the Senate, or any other office he thinks he’s running for, in his perpetual state of mental confusion. When Democrats demonstrate their own hypocrisy by continuing to support Biden in spite of his many character flaws and his inability to complete a coherent sentence without a Teleprompter, they deserve to get hammered relentlessly about it in the media as well as the ballot box in November. 

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