Coronavirus Immunity Cards? Kill the Idea Right Now

Imagine if in September of 2019, a government official had told you that America was going to launch a new database, into which you would be required to enter your vaccine status and other personal health history, and that this would be used to determine whether you have freedom to leave your home, go to work, open your business, travel, or be in public places. 

The American patriots' response would have been  "Are you out of your mind?  That will never happen.  Maybe in China, but not in America."

Yet this is exactly where we are headed today.

Dr. Anthony Fauci,  NIAID director and top medical adviser to President Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, has admitted that he is in discussions about immunity cards for Americans, with the implication that in the future, Americans may have to prove their immunity status to retain their freedom.  Fauci's pal Bill Gates admits he thinks that  "[e]ventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it."  Chile and China are already on board with an immunity passport as the ticket out of quarantine.

The only justification for such an overbearing, intrusive, freedom-crushing system, one that a mere six months ago you would have assumed would never happen in America, is the coronavirus.  But the coronavirus "facts on the ground" in America do not come close to justifying such a surrender of American's privacy and liberty.  


  • We have never instituted a "show me your immunity ID papers if you want your freedom" government program during the "regular" flu season, the swine flu, Ebola, SARS, polio, or any other virus episode.  Why would we agree that the government has the right to monitor the immunity status of adult citizens in the case of this virus?
  • The lethality of the coronavirus does not justify developing such a Big Brother program.  Models created by experts and used to justify draconian government orders projected between 1.5 and 2.2 million Americans deaths from this virus, and those models were massively wrong.  Model prognosticators now say the high end of likely deaths is 60,000, not 2.2 million.  That 60,000 number is the same as the high-end number of actual annual "regular" flu deaths in America.  Tragic, unfortunate, and part of life on Earth.

(Besides, the numbers of reported deaths from coronavirus are exaggerated.  As in, fabricated.  The CDC instructed doctors and hospitals to include in their tallies of coronavirus deaths people for whom the doctor is just making an assumption that the virus was involved, and those for whom the virus only contributed to the cause of death.  This is the "blame the virus if you can" system; it is unconscionably sloppy and dishonest and has no place in an intellectually rigorous approach to appraising the lethality of the virus and appropriate responses to it.)

  • Studies are showing that (1) the virus was in America long before we knew it, and thousands contracted it, developed antibodies, and recovered (good news!), and that therefore, (2) herd immunity to this virus already exists in some significant segment of our society.  (Herd immunity is the concept that once a significant percentage of individuals in a society contract and then recover from a virus, thus developing immunity, the society itself is safer because those with immunity cannot pass the virus on to the vulnerable.)
  • Ninety-eight percent of COVID-19 patients recover from the virus.  Many who contracted and recovered from the virus never felt sick enough to seek medical help.
  • The epicenter of the virus in America is in New York City, and that city's data skew the numbers for all of America.  If NYC were its own country, it would rank first in the world in deaths per million out of all countries.  America wouldn't even make the top ten in that world list if New York's numbers were not included.  At this writing, California and Texas — home to approximately 69 million people — have recorded fewer than 2,000 deaths from coronavirus.  (Yes, you read that right.)  It's irrational to launch a nationwide mandatory immunity certificate program in response to a problem that is simply not nationwide.

The nationwide shutdown is distorting rational analysis of actual coronavirus data.  The data says this virus is not a crisis that justifies launching an unprecedented, privacy-ending, freedom-crushing immunity certificate mandate.

But let's get out of the coronavirus trees and get up to a 50,000-foot view of the American forest.  A fundamental reason why Americans must push back against the Fauci/Gates "show me your immunity card" idea is that the dual potential for transforming America and abusing government power is over the top.

  • Mandated immunity ID cards turn America's founding presumption of liberty on its head.  Instead of God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the "show me your immunity ID" agenda means that your right to live in freedom is most definitely alienable — i.e., it would be conditioned on your submission to the immunity certification test and mandated vaccines.  
  • Millions objected to "shelter in place" orders and the forced closing of allegedly "non-essential businesses" that America is enduring as we go through this round of coronavirus.  But the potential, in the name of protecting the safety and health of everyone, for even more severe, draconian limitations on personal liberty, for those who do not submit to the immunity certificates, is off the charts.  We've already experienced wannabe tyrants telling Americans whether they can leave their homes and what they can and cannot shop for at retail stores.  Government is filled with tyrants-in-training who want to dictate at what temperature your thermostat should be set, whether you can drive a car, what kind of health care you need, and much more.

Dozens of posts could be written to separately explore the actual historical record of the efficacy and side-effects of vaccinations; the financial interests of those pushing for mandatory vaccinations (such as Fauci, Deborah Birx, and Bill Gates); and the creepy advances in what kinds of sensors and markers can be injected into vaccine formulations.  These present still more grounds to reject the immunity card initiative.

For now, America got drawn into CoronaPanic.  We have already surrendered many of our rights under questionable emergency orders designed to keep us safe, because we were told the orders were temporary.  Extracting ourselves from the mess the shutdown has already made will be enough of a challenge.  We don't need to make it worse by launching into a panic-driven immunization certification project.  It would permanently change America for the worse. 

Fauci's and Gates's defenders point out that they have no specific proposal on the table in America about mandated vaccines and ID cards.  "It's just talk — don't worry."  But patriots can connect dots and see where this is headed.

Americans must reject the Fauci-Gates "immunity ID card if you ever want to leave your home again" mission with the same fervor as we Americans would reject any other form of tyranny.  The answer is no, and hell, no.

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