Are Americans Ready for China to Rule the World?

The China/Democrat/Media Complex has come together in an effort to supplant America as the alpha country.  Replacing the United States as leader of an extant world order with a global regime centered around China has been the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) dream ever since we offered them a seat at the cool table decades ago. 

Democrats and media naively believe that they will assume integral positions in this brave new world as reward for being faithful partners in the CCP’s tipping of the scales in favor of the “rule of experts” over the “rule of people.”  After all, they are the experts.  Just ask them.

They, like children, seem oblivious to the ramifications of their actions.  They expect to get the positions, money, and prestige due the ruling class.  Yet they will no longer decide the narrative or even have their own voice.  The day China attains primacy they will be forever party members and government mouthpieces -- at least they will if they want to keep the house, the car, and the titles; continue to be invited to the finest parties, and be honored and respected guests on all the best shows.  They will have become, and will need to forever remain, nothing more than “Chinese characteristics.”      

The media and the Democrats hated Trump’s “America First” aspirations.  Wait until the CCP’s “China First, Last, and Always” policy aspirates all over their hopes, dreams, and independence. 

Plus, if they thought COVID-19 was fun, wait till they see COVID-20.  Pandemics can be a great way to control traffic in all things, whether it be media, politics, or the morning commute -- or those annoying people who will still think they can say what they please.

In Wuhan, the CCP welded shut the front doors of sick people to protect the party’s power, reputation, and privilege.  And that’s when they were trying to maintain a benevolent face to other countries.  What will they do when they rule the world?

China’s World

A world ruled by China will be a humanity under constant surveillance.  Every person on earth, at least ones from areas China cares about, those with natural resources or people with money, will be monitored.  With cameras everywhere, control of humanity’s satellites, and computers tracking everything that is said, done, or posted, privacy will become extinct.  Eventually, as they steal better technology, everyone will be required to have a chip inserted at birth to make escaping to dead spots impossible.  It will also facilitate the payment of the donations every human will be required to give China for the human services provided.

Commerce will continue, but just as media preferences the left, business under China will preference China and the Chinese.  In fact, all financial transactions will preference a ruling China.  Like a value-added tax, everything that involves an exchange of something tangible or intangible will require tribute to China.

Countries will still nominally exist, if only for accounting purposes.  How else will they track and adjust with nuance the tribute owed? Yet, there will be no war because there will be only one army.  There will be no crime, no arrests, no prisons.  Any trouble that might arise from foolish foreigners such as Americans will result in immediate disappearance and execution.

News will seem less transparent, but it will truly be seamless and transparent because with full control, China will decide the meaning of “transparent” and either nothing will be heard, or only advantageous Chinese spin.  You know, exactly what we hear today.

Uprisings in Brooklyn will disappear down China’s media hole.  The disappearance of a million people from a religion not officially sanctioned (the fate of all religions -- the CCP is the only god) will never be mentioned and the world will never know it happened. 

This “news silence” will be true for the Chinese people as well as American foreign dogs.  A lack of information breeds conformity and obeisance.  Everyone will always have a smile on their faces because unhappiness will be frowned upon and since we will be tracked 24/7, sorrow will be forbidden.  The CCP motto, “Don’t worry, be happy” will be the most repeated words on the globe’s new social media, Chatter, OurTube, and ChinaBook. 

World organizations, such as the UN, WTO, and the WHO will still exist, but they will become arms of the CCP, and all announcements and policies will reflect that.  So, nothing will change. 

Unions will still soldier on, but they will cease being representatives of the working man and become tools of the government, supporting of comity for the sake of business. 

Academia, at first, will flourish, as history is rewritten to explain how China defeated Hitler’s fascism, Stalin’s calamitous bastardization of communism, and the United States’ attempt to unleash the American Viral plague upon an innocent and kindly China.

Professors will prosper because they preach this stuff already, but eventually, they will find something with which they disagree.  When you fantasize you are speaking truth to power while living in a free society, under communism, you will be doomed to disagree at some point with “power,” whether purposely or accidentally.  As these academics slowly are erased (never underestimate the efficacy of a well-timed disappearance), they will be replaced with wise and worldly Chinese “official” professors.

I could go on…and on and on, and having already written this and this and this -- forget about my Twitter Feed, I am already on the China’s first list of people who will no longer exist.  So, I have nothing to lose. 

After my first article about China was published, I started getting Chinese voicemails, sometimes, as many as 5 a day.  These continued up until the end of January, when they abruptly stopped. 

After the second article, I received one more in English stating it was from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention before leaving me a number and reverting to Chinese. 

I wonder what happened at the end of January.

But I digress…

But if Americans need more to convince them China is an evil empire whose every action, while couched in benevolence, is riddled with cancerous malintent -- remember, China not only caused the COVID-19 plague, they didn’t give away one mask to battle the China Virus.  The 4 billion masks they sent to Europe, were sold, not donated.  They will never let a good pandemic get in the way of a good business opportunity.

The left is leading us down the path to our own destruction, those who can’t see that, will be standing beside me as we disappear.

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