‘You Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste’

It’s telling, isn’t it? The one thing that our betters are fixated on in this Chinese virus scare is to chase down the racists and the xenophobes. Because, as the wokerati discovered 27 minutes ago, it is racist to call the COVID-19 thingy Wuhan Flu. Even the US Commission on Civil Rights has gotten in on the action. And the Good Little Girls in the media just can’t believe anyone would call it the Kung Flu.

Of course Peter Alexander of NBC News just cannot understand why President Trump might be a little overenthusiastic about the potential of chloroquine for treatment of the China Flu: the experts, after all!

Don’t be mad at them! They are all just loyal parishioners in the Liberal Church of Wokology, reading out of L. Ron Frankfurt’s Wokology for Radicals and intoning the politically correct responses. But they have no idea why they believe what they believe, or what the words in the Woke Mass really mean. They just picked it up with mother’s feminist vegetarian milk from Whole Foods.

But, you might ask your Wokology friend, isn’t there a difference between racial discrimination in the Jim Crow South in 1960 and a racist joke about Commie totalitarian thugs in 2020?

Now my line is the Maxim that “politics is division.” In peacetime the politicians divide us up by race or class or gender. In wartime it’s all Americans against the enemy.

When FDR was New Dealin’, he divided up America into the workers against the “economic royalists.” Until it was time to unite us to fight Nazis in World War II.

After the Civil Rights era the rulers have divided America up into helpless victims against the racist-sexist-homophobic deplorables.

Trump got elected dividing America up between the globalist Deep State -- the Swamp -- and ordinary Americans, with an invitation for the liberal victims to identify as ordinary American commoners.

That was the plan for reelection, featuring patriotic rallies in packed stadiums all over the nation.

But now, it is obvious, Trump will have to run as the leader that united the nation and saved us from the coronavirus. He will still be running against the Deep State and the media, but the focus will be on how they held him back from saving America’s seniors: shot of Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State of the Union speech with a Trump voiceover announcing his plans to fight the pandemic. Shots of media personalities talking about racism and false hope. You can see that the potential is unlimited.

The opportunity is there to unite the nation in the war on COVID-19, white working-class deplorables and liberal victims together, just like FDR united all the various immigrant ethnics by drafting them and sending them off to war in 1941.

If Trump succeeds, then our betters in the educated Gentry will have to figure out a new way to divide us. With any luck it will take them a while.

But meanwhile we deplorables need to use the opportunity to push back at our vile educated Gentry. And the place to start is on race.

My strategy is simple. Stop apologizing for racism. Now.

(Of course, if you work for a corporation with a Good Little Girl HR department, forget it.)

But I don’t have a job, so I can afford to step forward and change the world.

My strategy is that you stop saying: “oh no, I’m not a racist!” Apology won’t get you anywhere. So, when someone calls you a racist, you hit right back. But it’s best to have a few prepared remarks ready to do. You need to be able to respond instinctively without even thinking: basic training.

If it is a man that called you a racist, you deploy the male Culture of Insult. You say something like:

“Hey, pal. It takes one to know one.”

Of course if you are talking to a woke professor or a minister from the Church of Wokology you say something sophisticated like:

“I’m surprised by that. An educated guy like you would know from studying Hegel that the racist and anti-racist are united in their obsession with race.”

I have a number of other insults ready to go at my blog.

Of course, if it is a woman you can’t deploy an insult. Heavens no! For a woman you must use the Culture of Complaint. She is probably complaining about a third person’s racism, as in:

“I can't believe she would say something so racist!”

Your response is another third-person play:

“But, like, Susie in my book club who is, like, a Gender Studies professor, she goes: ‘race doesn't exist.’” [Don’t forget the Uptalk]

Think I am being a bit crazy about this? Hey, was it not Rahm Emanuel who said: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

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