Wuhan Flu Reminder: Political Correctness Kills

Political correctness is not just harmless virtue-signaling navel-gazing by a bored “elite” first-world populace.  It is both a weapon and a disease that kills. On January 31, on a day when the entire national press corps was fully focused on unserious impeachment theater, President Trump declared a national health emergency and implemented a travel ban to and from China.  Apparently unhappy that Trump wasn’t curled up in the fetal position, all the usual suspects on the left screamed bloody murder, convinced he was trying to distract from their important issue.  Only a couple countries followed suit, since most were afraid they would be labeled as xenophobic or branded with the dreaded scarlet R.  Joe Biden called it “hysterical xenophobia.”  He’s still thundering about Trump’s xenophobic bans during his occasional lucid moments. Yet, this single action bought incredibly precious time, perhaps the most...(Read Full Article)
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