Why Is Italy in So Much Trouble? It's More than ICU Beds

Watching cable news these days, it is difficult to know which is greater: the rise in Chinese Coronavirus cases worldwide or the panic and sense of doom for those unable to work, travel, or freely associate with others. The media are in overdrive, under the journalistic principle of "if it bleeds, it leads."  Predictions of an exponential rise in illnesses and hospitalizations are a cable news staple this week, with many reports suggesting that America is just a few weeks behind Italy. Rather than offering calm, USA Today warned, "Too many coronavirus patients, too few ventilators: Outlook in US could get bad, quickly." Referring to Italy, the publication reports, "Italy's hospitals are choosing who gets lifesaving breathing machines and who does not."  In other words, death panels and rationing. This is what's ahead for the U.S., the media claim, even without Bernie Sanders's...(Read Full Article)
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