Why COVID-19 Is a Product of the Left

The coronavirus is a product of the left, the third and final installment of its trilogy of doomsday scenarios that rounds out the Russia collusion and Ukrainian quid pro quo narratives.  Only this time, after years of seeing their collective efforts to take down the president of the United States fail, they've hit the jackpot.  The elitist ruling class and self-appointed gatekeepers of our society and culture — academia, Big Tech, the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media — have finally found a way to make themselves relevant again, have finally found a mechanism to gain back some of the direct control over the lives of average Americans they'd so frustratingly lost under President Trump.

That mechanism is COVID-19, an exotic-sounding flu-like virus that as of now has a bark that is much, much stronger than its bite.  Relatively speaking (and with all due respect to those who've been infected or have lost a loved one), its bite is still underwhelming, which is why the media have been able to scare the pants off everybody and create an irrational level of panic and hysteria: because in reality, it's not what they're making it out to be.  If it were as devastating as advertised, and hundreds of thousands of Americans were getting infected and tens of thousands were dying — figures that would justify the level of insanity and overreaction — the entire tone of the media would be quite different.  It would be somber, and respectful, but most importantly, less sensational.  It's the irresponsible, tasteless, and voyeuristic coverage of the coronavirus by the media that proves they're manipulating it for their own gain.

What do they gain?  The power to control your life, to make your decisions for you, to set the narrative and impose their elitist progressive worldview on everyone and everything — oh, and to get rid of Trump, too.

COVID-19, which is basically a nasty strain of the flu, comes straight out of Communist China and is communist in nature in that Soviet-style propaganda — in coordination with the oppression of freedom — allowed the virus to evolve and spread and come into America.  Trump tried to shut it out weeks ago by closing off travel with China, a decision criticized by the left.  Still, it arrived, perhaps as far back as November.  No one cared back then, especially the left.  Leftists were too busy preparing the second installment of their trilogy of doomsday scenarios, the quid pro quo impeachment farce.

That got them nowhere.  Besides helping Trump and the GOP raise insane amounts of money and jeopardize Democrat seats in the House, it was another bust.  Things were looking pretty dreary for the Dems last month, to be sure.  Their party was in utter disarray as their major candidates — Biden and Bernie — were laughingstocks, either too senile or too socialist to have any shot at taking on Trump.

Then COVID-19 came up on the radar, a really scary-sounding flu-like virus.  The first official American case, according to the CDC, was reported on January 12.  But impeachment was happening, so no one cared.  There was no widespread testing, so cases were minimal.  At the end of January, Trump restricted air travel from China over protests from folks like Biden, who called the ban xenophobic.  At this point, there were fewer than a dozen reported cases of COVID-19 in America.  There were, however, over 250,000 hospitalizations for the flu in the U.S., resulting in thousands of deaths.

On February 5, 2020, Trump was acquitted on both articles of impeachment.  On February 17, not even two weeks later, the COVID-19 hysteria started to materialize, with the start of the "outbreak curve" on that day.  From February 17 to March 15, there were about 6,800 reported cases, going from 8 on 2/17 to 135 on 3/9 according to numbers by the CDC.  All told, as of 3/19, with more testing available, there have been about 10,000 cases and 150 deaths.  The flu as of March 7, on the other hand, has been responsible for as many as 51 million illnesses in America this season, 24 million medical visits, 670,000 hospitalizations, and 55,000 deaths, according to numbers by the CDC.

But no one gets hysterical about the flu, because it doesn't have a scary-sounding name like COVID-19.  Although it kills 500 times more people and sends 50 times more people to the hospital, the flu is not exotic enough to create a panic over.  But the coronavirus — now that's something to be afraid of.  That could certainly result in a major disruption in the economy and cause a recession even Bill Maher would be proud of.

So went the start of the third installment of the left's doomsday trilogy — at which point the over-cautious leftist professors shut down college campuses, followed by Trump-haters like Madonna canceling their concerts and entertainment venues, followed by the closing of big urban public school districts and non-essential government agencies, until a domino effect began to strangle small business and the private sector.  The only thing left to do was to stand back and watch unemployment websites crash under the weight of applications and see the market free-fall as it hasn't done since 1929 — robbing Americans of tens of thousands of dollars in retirement funds in a matter of days.  Witness restaurants, beauty salons, the airline industry, the tourist industry, daycare centers, car manufacturers, the NBA, the NHL, Major League Baseball, ESPN, and all manner of businesses take a major financial hit or even crash and burn.

While this all was happening, the media continued to hype the phony inflated "pandemic" with more gas on the fire, more coverage, more manipulated statistics that make it seem like the end of the world, which will corner Trump and help ruin him (and will help usher in massive federal spending to perhaps the tune of $1 trillion, forcing private industry to go on the teat of the government).

Enough of this doomsday fear-mongering.  For those Americans who are hysterical and afraid of this pandemic, here are a few comforting statistics, as of 3/19: you have approximately a 1 in 2.5 million chance of dying from COVID-19 in the United States, so take a chill pill.  You have a 1 in 35,000 chance of getting it, in which case — unless you're elderly and have an underlying medical condition or compromised immune system — you can stay in your house and create music playlists to brighten the lives of others who are self-quarantining, as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson did.

COVID-19 leaves nothing but carnage and destruction in its wake.  This is not widespread medical carnage, mind you, but economic and financial carnage — the likes of which haven't been felt since the stock market crash of 1929.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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