Sen. Warren, What Planet Are You On?

Last week we had President Trump explaining to a FoxNews Town Hall that “we have to hit back.” And we had Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) complaining about her treatment by Bernie Bros.

In other words, as I keep insisting, men have a Culture of Insult, and women have a Culture of Complaint. And the reason we have President Trump is because, in the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, “he fights.” And he is a master of insult.

What is this all about? How about because, scientists say, we are almost chimpanzees? Male chimpanzees patrol the border of the troop’s territory and kill any chimp from another band that crosses the border; the rest of the time they are working on the male status hierarchy. Females rear and feed the young. You can see that a successful Darwinian chimp troop would be one with tough aggressive males that could defend the border and the food-growing territory.

And I dare say the troop would need agreeable females that were good at looking after baby chimps and not getting into fights with the other females. But I am not sure about that. More research is needed.

How about the lamentations of our high-status women over the failure of the Warren campaign? This one can still remember the night that Hillary lost.

The night Hillary Clinton lost, I was in the staff section behind the stage at the Javits Center in New York City. Before the grief really hit me, before I took a cab home, sobbing so hard, I had to pull over to throw up, and before the physical toll of two years of working on a presidential campaign overwhelmed me, I remember standing with a coworker, each of us folding our arms in front of our bodies, as if trying to contain all the feelings from flooding out.

And if you think sexism had nothing to do with Sen. Warren’s losses, “what planet do you live on?”

Know how real men live on this planet? They suck it in and then go to work the next day. Okay, first they get blind drunk. Then they go look for a job.

Then the high-status woman goes on to tell about how Warren tells little girls that “I’m running for president because that’s what little girls do.”

Er, no, Senator. That is what foolish women that never had a thought in their lives do.

Once upon a time, Senator, I read a book. In that book a century ago the sociologist George Simmel said that men had created the public square and now women would transform it to suit “a more feminine sensibility.”

I’m here to say that it won’t work. What women are doing is destroying the public square -- which is a Culture of Insult with rules -- and replacing it with a Culture of Complaint where #BelieveAllWomen are always right, just like they are in the home.

Here’s what a culture dominated by women looks like. It looks like the opera Agrippina, about how the fourth wife of the Roman emperor Claudius schemed to get her son Nero -- yes, that Nero -- to become emperor. Guess what! She didn’t do it with speeches in the Roman Forum. She did it with lies and complaints and backstabbing and flapping her eyelashes at courtiers. The current Met production of Agrippina pretends that the little lady is a modern feminist -- hear me roar -- strutting around the stage like an emperor. All lies, like everything else from the left. Amazon Prime calls Agrippina “the deadliest woman in Rome.”

That’s why the whole thing about the First Woman President is such eyewash. The president is our protector. He patrols the border. He keeps baddies from raiding our purple mountains and our fruited plains. When women try to act like our protector, they look ridiculous.

Okay, you say. Whatabout Margaret Thatcher? Good question. I would say that Thatcher transformed herself into a man. She had to, because politics in her day was a man’s game and she had to learn to play the men’s game. No safe spaces and freedom from microaggressions for her!

You can tell the difference between men and women in the difference between Bernie and Liz. Bernie is going to smash the millionaires and billionaires, just like a real revolutionary would have done back in the day. Liz? Well, she’s got a plan. She’s going to go around the neighborhood with her plan and “share” it with all the other women and mean-girl them until they agree.

But the thing about her plan is that it won’t be implemented by the complaints and the whinings of the women in the neighborhood at the family dinner table. It will be implemented by government force, men with guns, the fabulous Dawn Raiders of the FBI.

How sexist is that?

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