Liberals Have Perfected the Loser's Limp

When we think about the various political philosophies that govern us in some sort of rotational order, it's important to understand what these philosophies represent.  If you consider yourself a conservative, you probably believe more in self-governance than submission to a hierarchical group of bureaucrats telling you how to live your life from cradle to grave.  In addition, you're likely to believe in equal opportunity for all rather than equal outcomes for all.  You recognize that the Declaration of Independence assures you the "pursuit of happiness" rather than the guarantee of happiness.  In other words, you're free to live life in a way that makes you happy, so long as you don't break the laws or violate the rights of others.

Contrarily, if you're a liberal, or, what is commonly called a "progressive" these days, and you decide that you're not satisfied with the opportunities in this most bountiful of all countries, your actions are likely to become spiteful and vindictive in furtherance of your goal to change things.  Then, if you feel your efforts aren't getting enough traction or attention, you may start breaking the law and creating havoc in your community.  That's essentially what spoiled children do when their permissive parents try to take away their toys at bedtime or refuse to let them eat candy and ice cream all day.

Generally speaking, conservatives will simply expect a level playing field in all endeavors, and they won't make excuses when they don't succeed at a given objective.  They won't attempt to change the rules of the game; they'll just work harder and smarter next time.  Liberals, on the other hand, are always hinting that they lost only because they were cheated.  When Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote count to Donald Trump, she said she was robbed because she received more of the popular vote.  She was well aware that our elections have been decided by electoral votes since the founding of the republic.  Nevertheless, in true liberal fashion, she has bitterly complained about her loss and called for the process to change.  I'm quite certain that if she'd won, she'd praise the process.

This is why I feel it's easy to be a liberal.  Knowing that there will be only one winner in any competitive category, liberals can always find supporters by appealing to the losers about how unfair everything is.  There are people who can't admit their own shortcomings, so they seek an excuse for why they failed.  We used to call it the "loser's limp."  To use a baseball analogy, if the batter swings for the bleachers and strikes out, you may notice a slight limp when he's walking away from the plate, giving the impression that he failed because he had a problem with his leg, a problem he didn't have when walking toward the plate.

Then there's the bleeding-heart liberal who's always trying to impress you with his heartfelt compassion for all those oppressed folks who can't make it because the rich and powerful are blocking their advancement.  It's the same with the open borders crowd of left-wing hand-wringers, crying about the mean-spirited conservatives who attempt to protect the sovereignty of our nation by enforcing immigration laws instead of standing by and watching an invasion from a foreign country.  With all of their phony tears and fake sympathy, you'll never see those liberals open their homes and invite illegal aliens to live with them and their families.  They lock their doors every day to protect themselves from interlopers, but they expect our country to open the gates and expose the rest of us to an infinite variety of possible perils.

Moreover, it's not enough for them to disagree with our decisions, notwithstanding the rationale behind them; they'll resort to charges of racism, sexism, and every other "ism" in their attempts divide us.

It's become abundantly clear that we, as a nation, have a cancer growing inside us, and the only cure is a commitment to the time-honored principles upon which we were founded.  Those include a belief that our freedom and our rights come from our creator, not from the state.  The insidious movement toward socialism is a threat to those freedoms, and it is not squeamish about how it will accomplish its goals.  We must keep in mind that this radical, anti-America movement inside the Democrat Party has come to represent a constellation of interest groups, animated by their hostility toward traditional Americans.

They hate President Trump because his election scuttled their plans to "fundamentally change" our country.  To those malcontents, Trump must be defeated if they are to fulfill their revolutionary objective.  Incidentally, they have no fear of reprisals from a citizenry that has become so intimidated by political correctness that it sits idly by and watches its heritage being dismantled.  If you truly love your country and your way of life, November 3 should be the most important date on your calendar this year.

Image: Anthony Crider via Flickr.

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