Joe Biden, the Manchurian Virus Candidate

If one didn’t know better, he could think that China unleashed the Wuhan virus upon the world purposely to get their man, Joe Biden, elected president. Jumblin’ Joe is their man, too.

It’s not just that the disease will assuredly cause economic distress as people’s lives and commerce are disrupted; it’s not just that no matter what President Trump does, the EneMedia will portray his response to the disease as lacking. (Never mind that Barack Obama apparently spread disease throughout our nation by shipping sick illegal-alien minors throughout the country. Enterovirus D68, anyone?)

It’s also that the Wuhan virus has now become a handy excuse to limit debates and Jumblin Joe’s personal appearances. Health is the concern, you see (Biden’s mental health, that is).

Heck, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) even suggested that his party “shut” down the rest of the primaries and debates. The idea is to coronate Jumblin’ before his brain completely shuts down.

But don’t think it’s a stretch to say that, lucid or senile, Biden is for certain the Manchurian virus candidate. There’s a reason why Forbes wrote last summer that “Joe Biden Is The Only Man Who Can Save China In 2020” and why the “announcement of his campaign alone was enough to encourage Beijing suddenly to take a harder line on trade negotiations with the Trump administration,” as Senator Tom Cotton recently wrote at National Review. It’s that unlike “many other Democrats, he takes its side, reliably,” writes Cotton. (Certain other Democrats take China’s side only unreliably.)

For example, as senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the ‘90s, Biden made sure China got most-favored-nation trade status and World Trade Organization membership (the latter in 2001). “Wherever a brake might have been applied — by placing human-rights or labor conditions on most-favored-nation status, for example — Biden voted the measures down and lobbied other senators for Beijing,” Cotton informs. “Unfortunately, China and Biden got their way, and American workers are still suffering from it.”

While we should have withered Beijing on the vine instead of creating a monster (thanks, Richard Nixon), Biden compounded earlier mistakes and continued feeding the dragon. In fact, even as China’s fascist regime (yes — with its market reforms, it’s as “communist” as Bernie is capitalist) grew in power and Xi Jinping strengthened his dictatorial hold, Biden continued lobbying for increased trade and more intimate ties.   

Just consider that while standing next to Xi in 2012, Biden rationalized that competition from China was good for us. Yet millions “of American jobs were disappearing as he spoke,” Cotton reminds us, “and the militarization of the South China Sea was just around the corner.”

What’s for sure is that, call it “competition” or collusion, the relationship was very good for the Biden family. Oh, and if you’re guessing that there’s a Hunter in this story, go to the head of the class.

“Reporters thought it unusual when Hunter Biden, Biden’s prodigal son, accompanied him on a trip to Beijing in 2013,” Cotton relates. “That same year, Hunter joined the board of a Shanghai-based private equity firm. In 2017, a few months after his father left office, he invested a substantial chunk of his own money in the company.” Below is an interesting Fox Business video on the subject.

So, as the Ukraine/Burisma situation evidenced, “Biden Inc.,” as Politico put it last year, was very good at monetizing Jumblin’s vice presidency. And though we don’t know how much Hunter made off the China deal, we can bet he’s doing better than laid-off American workers.  

Moreover, though he sometimes may not know what state he’s in, what office he’s running for, his wife from his sister or that he’s not married to himself, Jumblin’ Joe hasn’t forgotten how to defend today’s evil empire. When President Trump imposed travel restrictions on China a few weeks back to combat the Wuhan virus, Biden called it “hysterical xenophobia.” Of course, our real problem today in multicult America is xenophilia — and in Jumblin’s case in particular, Sinophilia.

Vice President Biden raises a toast in honor of Chinese President Xi at a State Luncheon at the State Department, September 25, 2015,

US State Department photo

But it’s hard to know where the avarice ends, and the asininity begins. Just consider the statements Biden made at a campaign rally last spring (below), in which he said China is “not competition for us.”

This is the nation, do note, whose economy is six to eight times the size of that of Russia, which the left says is our big boogeyman (do I hear Obama saying that “the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back”?). But it’s not just that China has been stealing our manufacturing base and technology, though that’s bad enough.

We in addition now rely on China for sensitive components used in our weapons systems (what could possibly go wrong?). We’re also dependent upon the nation for our pharmaceuticals, including an estimated 95 percent of our antibiotics. Oh, and note here that via Beijing’s official news service and mouthpiece, Xinhua, it just threatened to cut off our medication and intensify the Wuhan virus epidemic. China has threatened to kill us, in other words.

This isn’t surprising, mind you. Beijing’s aggressive, fascistic regime oversees what it considers a superior culture and race, and it apparently believes that this übermensch status entitles it to dominate the world. In fact, there already is a cold war between China and the United States.

In keeping with this, Beijing censors our movies (really), bullies American businesses into spouting its propaganda and manipulates our schools’ curricula via its Confucius Institutes. And this is all possible because while the Izzy Mandelbaum of politics* (Biden) is now infamous for threatening to assault voters, he and other free “traiders” have long been helping China assault us.

(*Hat tip: The Federalist.)

So, the main problem with Biden isn’t that he doesn’t know what state he’s in, but that he doesn’t know what nation state he represents. Combine this with his rapid mental decline, and one could imagine learning after a Beijing visit that President Biden signed Alaska away to Xi. (“I thought the document just got another billion for sonny boy!”)

Of course, a president doesn’t actually have that kind of unilateral power. The point is that if you’re worried about what Biden’s policies might be while mentally confused, know that they were morally confused even when he was lucid.

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