Heat is Life, Cold is Death -- Joe Biden has it backwards

Joe Biden’s plan to manage the coronavirus outbreak included a promise to “fight climate change as a driver of health threats” by rejoining the Paris climate treaty on day one of his administration. His proposal went on to state that “the link between climate change and health security is well-documented and will create a growing threat to Americans.” The assessment that man-made global warming will lead to massive increases in mortality isn’t just stated by “Joe the walking gaffe machine,” but is asserted as fact by most agencies and groups that promote the so-called “consensus” opinion on catastrophic man-made global warming. The reliably unreliable U. S. National Climate Assessment stated that “heat is already the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the United States.” Climate extremists, like those that created the National Climate Assessment, predict that heat waves and high temperatures related...(Read Full Article)
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