Don't Get Distracted: Democrats Still Have Eyes on the Prize

Our major, legacy media press corps criticizes President Trump for not being clairvoyant regarding COVID-19. Whether it's panic-inducing videos from The Atlantic (which, in 2016, and for only the third time its 160-year history, endorsed a presidential candidate---Hillary Clinton, of course) or the usual slander and libel by billionaire blog, The Washington Post, the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) just can't help itself; it must consume the Peoples Temple-esque grape-flavored Flavor Aid of the anti-Trump cult. As a former journalist, I'm asked, from time to time, why the DMIC refuses to exhibit even a scintilla of objectivity. Is it a lack of intelligence? Capabilities? Education? None of the above. Asking the DMIC to be honest is like asking, why didn't Jeffrey Dahmer just stop killing? It's not in the nature of the DMIC to stop. DMIC “journalists,” such as NBC's Peter Alexander, aren't interested in news; they're interested...(Read Full Article)
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