Bernie Sanders: Mortally Wounded in California, Deathblow in Florida

Seven days after millions of Californians voted by absentee or in person, the hammer of the slow-counted millions of ballots fell on U.S. senator Bernie Sanders's "movement."  He and his followers were convinced that millions of Californians would vote him into the Democratic nomination for president.  They didn't. Sanders's followers thought they would clog the system with so many votes that Joe Biden's hopes for the nomination would be ended by a tsunami of California progressive votes.  The hope was that San Francisco progressives would ruin Joe Biden's chances of recovering from his terribly underfunded and badly run third presidential campaign.  Didn't happen. Eight days after Election Day, CNN finally called the California vote, and the bad news for Bernie's passionate minority was that, yes, he won more votes than Biden did, but the count was a disaster for Sanders. Bernie Sanders 34 percent,...(Read Full Article)
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