Who's to Blame for Pelosi-Schiff Impeachment Insanity?

It was the saddest of times, it was the happiest of times; it was the time of funerary apparel and commiserations, it was the time of festive attire and congratulations; it was, in Washington D.C.'s grand theater of the absurd, the time for impeachment. The final act of this Faustian tragedy began a week before Christmas in 2019, when, draped in black and nervous as a mortician trying to look sad at a fifty-thousand-dollar funeral, Nancy Pelosi announced that the president had been impeached.  In spite of the melancholy atmosphere that covered the proceedings like a shroud, the proclamation elicited a smattering of cheers and applause from among her colleagues — but an icy stare and a disapproving wave of the speaker's hand quickly silenced the unwelcome outburst. Some twenty-eight days later, with her time of mourning completed, the speaker traded her black raiment for a hot pink ensemble and replaced her somber affect with a Cheshire Cat–worthy...(Read Full Article)
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