Trump, Sanders, and Populism

With the failure of the impeachment gambit and the surge in Bernie Sanders’s popularity among potential Democratic primary voters, panic has fully set in among both the Republican and Democrat branches of the Washington establishment.  Worried that their arch-nemesis Donald Trump will win re-election, they dread a looming lose-lose proposition as Bernie Sanders emerges as the Democrats’ front-runner. Either the avowed socialist wins the nomination or he triggers an irreparable implosion if the party hierarchy is perceived to be altering the nomination process in order to prevent his ascendancy, as it already is doing.

With this dilemma facing the United States, the re-election of Donald Trump is crucial and in the nation’s best interest.

The Republican Party, since the 1930’s, mostly has been, with the exception of the Reagan years, the “other party” attempting to mitigate and soften the policies of it rival, the Democrat party.  In doing so they acquiesced to policies that benefitted the party hierarchy and their smaller, but significant, portion of the ruling class. 

Donald Trump brought a dramatically different mindset to the party: enacting policies benefitting the American people not the party establishment and the ruling class.  Fittingly, Donald Trump’s dramatically successful first term has accelerated the party’s metamorphosis into the national populist party in America.  A process which was initiated by the Tea Party Movement in 2010.  If he wins re-election that evolution will be complete by the end of his second term, thus greatly mitigating the impact of today’s Progressives and their statist policies.

Since the 1930’s the Democrat party has continuously evolved into the party of ever bigger government and cultural transformation.  However, it has done so at the direction and to the benefit of its hierarchy and its dominant portion of the ruling class.  

Over the past two decades the rapidly growing legion of militant socialists within the party have, by their vociferous demands and determined mindset, caused the party establishment to verbally espouse socialist policy and dogmas in order to appease this burgeoning portion of their base and maintain control of the party.  However, if Bernie Sanders is their presidential nominee, the Democrat party will begin the rapid transformation into the nation’s official socialist political party and casting aside those in the current party establishment.

Yet, these potential transformations of both parties have a common root.  The anger and frustration of the citizenry brought about by not only innumerable policy blunders, which destroyed livelihoods, families and expectations, but the narcissism, self-dealing and superciliousness of those in the corridors of power.

The vast majority of those in the Establishment have a jaundiced view of the rest of the citizenry, as their mindset is that they are the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained.   

Meanwhile, beginning in the late 1980’s, the cognoscenti declared that expansive government spending, globalization, nation building and free trade, combined with a comprehensive and overarching regulatory regime to root out so-called corruption and inequality, would be the course the nation should pursue.  The result of this foolhardy and myopic scheme:

·      From 1988 to 2015 the nation lost nearly 7 million high paying goods producing jobs.

·      Over 27 years income (adjusted for inflation) fell by 1.9% for the bottom 50% of the population whereas the income of the top 5% rose by 40%.  

·      Median Household Income (adjusted for inflation) rose only 2.4% from 1988 to 2014 (26 years)

·      In 1988 there were 16 million immigrants living in the United States (less than 1 million illegals) by 2015 there were 43 million (est.16 million illegals) this dramatic increase (170%) put enormous pressure on an already dormant job market and was a major factor in the stagnation of  median household income.

·      In a naïve and foolhardy attempt to nation build in the Middle East, America has been bogged down for 8 years in Iraq and 18 years in Afghanistan costing over 57,000 American casualties (7,000 deaths) as well as spending $7 Trillion only to further destabilize the region and embolden Iran.         

Not satisfied to meddle with the financial well-being of the populace, the nation’s elites, rather than view education as the means for people to attain success in a competitive world, have recast it into a vehicle for indoctrination of the youth into their pet theories and political views.  As a result, the American people are rapidly becoming among the least well-educated populations in the world.  For example, in 2013 America’s 15-year-old ranked 32nd among industrialized nations in math, 20th in reading and 24th in science. In 1988 this same age group ranked among the top 5-10 in these same categories.

Meanwhile, the denizens of the establishment were aggregating enormous wealth and power at an ever-expanding government trough, sending their children to elite institutions and, as the Clintons and Bidens have exhibited, flaunting their disdain for any ethical guidelines in their relentless pursuit of wealth and privilege. 

These abysmal policy failures, unfettered avarice and megalomania, combined with the establishment’s unrelenting assault on the American people’s spiritual and moral underpinning, created a restless, angry and frustrated populace willing to look to anyone that gave the impression of being genuinely sympathetic to their plight and offering what appeared to be real solutions to repair the damage caused by those in power.    

Thus, the ideal scenario for the promulgation of Marxist/socialist dogma of economic and societal equality and the evergreen promotion of the plight of the proletariat at the hands of the bourgeoise.  These age-old half-truths and disinformation began to fall on fertile ground with the unexpectedly successful campaign by Bernie Sanders in 2016.   While his lifelong dedication to socialist doctrine is a danger to the future of the country, he was and is genuine and a true believer.

Fortunately for the country another candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump, exploded on the scene.   He was someone who understood the plight of the American people, had an unpretentious affinity for them and proposed policies that put them and not the establishment first.  He was genuine but his opponent, Hillary Clinton, the Marie Antoinette of American politics, was not.

The election of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’s near capture of the Democrat party nomination in 2016 were acts of defiance and a rebellion as well as a devastating blow to the ruling elites who have spent three years trying to destroy and jettison Donald Trump and are now faced with the daunting task of again marginalizing Bernie Sanders.  

What the establishment fails to understand is that the socialist true believers will inevitably take over the Democrat Party.  The handwriting is on the wall as the army of those indoctrinated with Marxist/ socialist beliefs in the universities and on the internet continues to grow apace.  Any attempt to thwart Bernie Sanders will only embolden this army and accelerate the process.

They also fail to understand that the success of Donald Trump in pursuing his policies that focus first and foremost on the well-being of the American people is what will stanch the influence of the socialist movement when it succeeds in controlling one of the two major political parties.

The Washington Establishment has lost the battle; it is time for all of them, particularly the mainstream media, to wake up to the reality that is the current political scene and realize that the re-election of Donald Trump is crucial and -- in the nation’s best interest.

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