'Trans Women' vs. 'Cis-Women': Feminists Created the Monster Now Devouring Women's Sports

Here’s a question to ponder: If people think the male-female athletics performance gap is very slight, will they be more or less likely to oppose having men claiming womanhood enter women’s sports? Remember when answering that such men generally have treatments (e.g., testosterone-suppressing drugs) that partially eliminate their biological advantages. Okay, now here’s a story. It came to light when I worked with children that one boy, approximately 11 years old, supposed that the women’s mile record would be better than the men’s; another male age-mate expressed the belief that the intersex performance gap was “very slight.” Of course, they were perhaps extreme cases; nonetheless, experience has taught me that people generally underestimate that gap’s size. Yet given that in the 800-meter run the record for 14-year-old boys is better than the women’s world record — and that, with a bit of variation, this reflects the...(Read Full Article)
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