The Wages of Trump Derangement

How many conservatives have experienced something like this:  A friend who knows you are a conservative, a Trump supporter and/or that you are not a global warming hysteric, sends you an email, out of the blue, profanely attacking the President or Rush Limbaugh and you as a conservative or as a climate change denier.  This person does this wholly without provocation.  You have long avoided ever discussing politics with this person.  Maybe you've sent that person a friendly "how are you" and you get back a tirade peppered with ad hominem attacks.  He or she may even accuse you of being a terrible parent or grandparent because you support the current President.  They are clearly angry with you without cause but for your political views.  Trump derangement is so serious that people are ending friendships that are decades long - over political differences!  This past week sent the blinkered democrats 'round the bend.

President Trump's SOTU speech was sensational, so glorious and moving that the Democrats in the room suffered a severe and collective meltdown.  By the end of the speech they had all lost any sense of decorum, manners, and respect for the event,  the chamber, Congress, the President, or the American people.  Nancy Pelosi has demeaned herself in the past, but she hit a new low that night by ostentatiously tearing up her copy of the speech for all to see.  And if the magnificence of the speech wasn’t bad enough, presenting the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh sent them into bansheeland.  Intolerant leftists began lashing out at any friends they felt were complicit in their inevitable defeat  by supporting the President and for revering Rush.  Then came the acquittal, a surprise to no one but the bubble people, and it further enraged them.  The talking heads at CNN and MSNBC were apoplectic. 

What explains this kind of insanity in otherwise normal adults?  How have they gotten through life thinking every person in their life should embrace the same worldview as they do?  Conservatives were sickened by the damage Obama did to this nation, but they did not end lifelong relationships with old friends and family.  What explains the vicious intolerance of differing opinions among the left's circle of relationships?  We can all see the vile comments they write on Twitter about Trump and his supporters; cancel culture is actually a thing!  They truly loathe any and all conservatives.  Opposing opinions must not be heard, not just on university campuses but throughout numerous subsets of our society:  the left cannot abide dissent.  They live in a self-imposed protective bubble, insulated from the opposing views of others, free to dismiss any and all rumors of legitimate opposition.  They avoid Fox News and any other news outlets that may report something true but unacceptable to their mindset.  Many of them believed Trump had colluded with Russia long after numerous books were published that proved it was a lie, an attempted coup, and then they refused to accept the conclusions of the Mueller Report.   Nothing has changed since Hillary called us all deplorables.   The American left is arrogant and  discriminatory.  They mock and deride anyone with whom they disagree.  They are like the British upper classes of old; we are dross, deserving only of their contempt.  That the country is much better off under Trump means nothing to them.  They do not care that millions of people now have jobs and higher wages than under Obama.  They care not a whit about Trump's many achievements in three short years under constant duress.  They only care that they are not in charge and that an outsider is draining the swamp and that he has exposed the corrupt media for who and what they are, a willing, deceitful instrument of the left. 

That President Trump is so popular and has only become more so over the past three years  has driven the left virtually insane. At the SOTU that old harpy Pelosi did the full wicked witch act while the democrat "women in white" were the grim-faced flying monkeys.  Trump's record of successes and his unbridled optimism enraged them.  Then the seven Democrats on the debate stage Friday night were all deeply  pessimistic.  Each spoke only of all that is so terribly wrong with our country and how they would strive to make it worse.  It was a depressing three-hour dirge, a requiem.  Then came the muddle in Iowa!  The Democrats have become fools for a lost cause and for that lost cause they are banishing friends and family from their lofty perch of high dudgeon.

Just who do Democrats  think they will entice to vote for them with such dismal performances, such depressing ideas? Maybe this is what explains the savage verbal assaults upon friends and family whom they know to be conservative supporters of President Trump.  The insulation they have designed for themselves has betrayed them.  Perhaps they fear discovering that they may have been wrong all along -- about conservatism and about Trump.  So they lash out.  They insult and deride anyone they know and who just may have been right all along; about the attempted coup, about Trump's successes, about impeachment, about Bernie and Biden and Warren.  Their hatred has blinded them to all that is good and true. “Hatred is blind; rage carries you away; and he who pours out vengeance runs the risk of tasting a bitter draught."  (Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo).  Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler et. al. tried out of sheer resentment and hatred to destroy the President millions of Americans voted for and support and they failed.  They were so insulated from the American people, they thought they would emerge victorious, but their bubble has burst.  It may be a cliché, but they have  sown the wind and will reap the whirlwind.  So to those people who eject from their lives any and all friends who support President Trump, one can only conclude you were never really friends in the first place so we have not suffered any loss.

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