So God Sent Us a Salesman

Charlie Hurt over at the Washington Times likes to say Donald Trump has the best enemies.  Before Hillary and Comey, he had Rosie and Cher.  Before Nancy Pelosi and Fake News CNN, he had Russell Brand and Mark Cuban.  Before "Fat Jerry" Nadler was creating fake impeachment charges in Congress against President Trump, an even fatter Assemblyman Nadler was preventing 1980s Donald Trump from turning an abandoned rail yard on the West Side into Trump City.  There has never been a moment in the public spotlight when Donald Trump was not brawling with somebody, and almost all of his enemies, like deer in the headlights, seem paralyzed with surprise when they find themselves on the receiving end of one of his acerbic barbs.  Like Qassem Soleimani, they just never see it coming. Here at American Thinker, Thomas Lifson has given us the necessary corollary to Hurt's Law: as the greatest reality television producer of all time,...(Read Full Article)
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