Free Speech in the Time of the Coronavirus

There is nothing more powerful than an idea.  That is why governments insist on controlling who can have them.  Freedom of speech is both an idea and an idea-generator.  That is why governments work so hard to control who can be heard.   In the early hours of February 7, the Wuhan Central Hospital released a short statement online that Dr. Li Wenliang was in critical condition.  Within a half hour, over a half-million Chinese had replied to the hospital's social media account with anguish.  "We are not going to bed," wrote one.  "We are here waiting for a miracle."  When he succumbed to his illness a short time later, the reaction was immediate and immense.  Within hours, Dr. Li's death became the most read and discussed story in China, with over 1.5 billion views alone on Weibo, the heavily monitored and censored Chinese social media platform.  A...(Read Full Article)
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