Bloomberg: The Democrat Man behind the Curtain

Why is former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg running for president? It's not to win.  Bloomberg is in this to affect down-ballot races.  Vermont senator and stretch limousine liberal Bread Line Bernard Sanders would likely be disastrous for the Democrats down-ballot, and they know that (more on this in a bit). With Bloomberg, the Democrats are hoping for a 2014-type scenario, where they win the House and Senate, while the other party has the presidency — the way the GOP won both the House and Senate in 2014. Bloomberg is enough of a hodgepodge candidate to flip some seats blue; he's ] ideal for many Democrat voters, as he stands for nothing and stands for everything — the most dangerous type of politician.  Bloomberg won't win the general election versus President Trump, but he's not in it to win it — he's in it to drive Democrat voters to the purple U.S. House district elections (there...(Read Full Article)
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