Bernie Sanders's Rise is Like Death Knocking on America's Door

When Barack Obama vowed five days before he was first elected to fundamentally transform the nation he soon would lead, few who voted for him thought to ask themselves, Transform it into what?  America always needs improving, but is it such a sorry place that it must be fundamentally transformed?  Apparently so, according to Obama.  And that goes double for the Democrat who would follow him, post-President Trump, Bernie Sanders. To fundamentally transform a nation means to bring about profound changes to its principles, values and institutions.  In the case of America, that means radically transforming the economic and governing systems that made it the greatest nation the world has ever known.   Bernie Sanders is leading Democratic polls, and in this regard, he's assuming the mantle of Obama, like death again knocking at America's door. Which is why the Obama presidency should be re-examined. A long trail of circumstantial evidence...(Read Full Article)
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