After Impeachment: Our New Narrative

I don’t know about you, but I’d say that Speaker Lucy’s got some ’splainin’ to do. Hey, Lucy -- Nancy, that is -- what exactly is the point of staging an impeachment when the other party actually has a majority in the Senate? Hello? Anybody there?

Actually, I think the rot started way back on the night of November 8, 2016, when Hillary Clinton didn’t concede the election.

See, if I were the dark Sorotic force behind the Democratic Party I would have gotten the leaders together in a room on November 9 and then called up Hillary Clinton to tell her to get her nose out of the Chardonnay and concede the election right now -- or we take another look at the emails, know-what-I-mean.

That’s because I believe that the one thing “our democracy” needs to do is have proper alternation of the parties in power. That means that the losing presidential candidate gets up on election night and concedes the election and says we are all Americans and wait until next time.

But Hillary Clinton didn’t do that. And the rest of the Democratic leaders didn’t either. In retrospect you can see what a weak, feeble decision that was. Because it licensed all the usual suspects in the activist community to rile up their supporters and encourage the deep state actors to continue their anti-Trump shenanigans and all the rest of the last three years of epic stupidity.

Now, because I’m a profound sexist, I believe that folly issues from the fact that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are women. What is needed in the agony of defeat is male courage, the willingness to fall on your sword and take the blame. Honor among men is courage, the reputation to stand with your brothers in combat. In the extreme case it is the Sacrificial Hero that gives up his life so that others may live.

Trouble is that honor among women is chastity, being pure and sweet and never making a mistake, and knowing when to wear white and when to wear black when sitting in the Speaker’s chair. So Hillary Clinton could not admit her failure. And Nancy Pelosi did not have the courage to fall on her sword and resign her speakership rather than give in to a stupid and divisive impeachment. Notice how she calls Trump’s impeachment a “stain.” Of course.

So I’d say that today that, thanks to these two women, the Democratic Narrative is demolished. Hey, it worked for decades, but sooner or later every Narrative bites the dust.

We Americans need a New Narrative, and right now I am pushing Curtis Yarvin’s notion that America is three social layers: Gentry, Commoners, and Clients.

The thing about Gentry is that they expect us to maintain their dignity in high-status careers. In Jane Austen novels the Gentry maintained their dignity with their income from land and the Funds. And as rectors and vicars in the state church. Today the Gentry is educated and expects professorships, lifetime gigs in the State Department and the “intelligence community,” and, for recreation, ordering the Commoners around.

Whatabout Commoners? In Charles Dickens novels they abounded. In David Copperfield they included the Peggottys, Mr. Micawber, Uriah Heep, getting by as best they can. Today, of course, Commoners are Trump voters, bossed around by the modern Gentry and reviled as deplorables and racist-sexist-homophobes and fed up with it.

Clients used to be serfs and then landless laborers and then the workers. Today they are the Little Darlings of the ruling class and the Gentry.

The world is changing. It used to be the old three-class system of landowners and capitalists, the middle class, and the workers. Now it’s educated Gentry, Commoners, and Clients. Gentry used to be the middle class; Commoners used to be the workers.

On this Narrative, the Commoners are just starting to achieve strategic concentration, and so, all of a sudden, politicians like Donald Trump in the US and Nigel Farage in the UK have emerged to give the Commoners a voice.

And the Gentry don’t like it.

Guess what. If the Gentry had conceded the election in 2016 then Trump would just have been an ordinary president doing a bit of deregulation and tariff manipulation. But because they fought him for three years he has now won what the strategerists call a “decisive victory” that will echo down the years.

Hey Nance and Hillary! Nice going, ladies! We couldn’t have done it without you!

I understand that Nigel Farage is coming to Trump’s State of the Union speech. Do you think that Trump will recognize the “divisive British populist” in the gallery? And do you think that Farage will get a thumping standing ovation from all the Republicans?

And do you think that Sandy O and the Ladies in Stain-free White will sit on their hands?

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