What caused the Australian fires? Global warming? Obstruction of fire prevention burns? Arson?

With at least 27 people killed and 18 million acres incinerated as of last week, the worst bushfire season Australia has seen in decades is a bad one, no doubt about it.  Reproduced with permission from the Western Australian Land Information Authority, the FireWatch map below shows the location of individual fires as of Jan. 14, 2020.  Disclaimer: The size of the icons on the map relates to the location of the fire and not to the size of the fire on the ground.  Any opinions expressed herein are mine and were not arrived at in consultation with the Western Australian Land Information Authority. ©2020 Western Australian Land Information Authority The season's fires have been intense and widespread, but not nearly as much as reported by some media that made it seem as though virtually the entire continent was ablaze.  Eighteen million acres destroyed is a disaster by any measure, but that acreage represents less...(Read Full Article)
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