Torquemada Reborn: The Swamp's Dept. of Labor Inquisitions

During the turbulent tenure of former Secretary Alex Acosta, a Jeffrey Epstein apologist and Billionaire Democratic Party donor enabler, the Department of Labor (DOL), through the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), acted to further the Obama Administration’s socialist agenda by harassing and vexing businesses engaged in federal contracting. Astoundingly, even though Acosta’s resigned amid the Epstein scandal and the Trump Administration is pushing to expand economic growth via streamlined labor laws, the OFCCP remains the feared torturer of American Industry.  Before resigning, Acosta acted like an Obama holdover in the Trump Administration. Bizarrely, Acosta’s replacement, erstwhile conservative Eugene Scalia, son of the revered conservative jurist Antonin Scalia, effectively perpetuates the Deep State Liberal hijacking of the DOL by failing to halt the OFCCP Obama Labor Inquisitions. Many conservatives hope that this Sec. Scalia will...(Read Full Article)
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