Minority Leaders Must Speak Out against Jew-Hatred in Their Communities

It has been widely reported that virtually every recent stabbing and attack on Jews in the New York metropolitan area has been perpetrated by someone who is black, Latino, or sympathizes with jihad. It is time for leaders of those communities to face-up to the anti-Semitism within their midst. It’s time for truth telling.  Perpetrators must be punished by legal authorities and shunned in their communities. New York’s Leftist politicians speak about anti-Semitism, but are not using anywhere near the force of law to bring these perpetrators to justice.  In fact, we’re hearing that last week’s attackers against Jews have already been released, due to New York State’s ridiculous new “bail reform” law and are back on the streets committing more attacks against Jews.  There’s talk about protecting Brooklyn’s Jewish community with police cars, but hardly any talk of punishing those who roam Brooklyn’s streets...(Read Full Article)
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