Made to Order Colorado Birth Certificates

Colorado has enacted legislation, effective Jan. 1, allowing adults born in Colorado to secure a new birth certificate reflecting a self-designated gender other than as recorded on an original birth certificate.  That legislation is unwise, unethical, dangerous, and, surely to be contended by some, unlawful. Government identification documents (“IDs”) are issued by government (including schools) to confirm facts about the person to whom the ID is to be issued and/or that the person is a member of a specific class of persons.  IDs serve as verification of a person’s identity and/or membership in a class of persons (1) authorized to take certain actions (such as acting as a police officer, physician, attorney, teacher, plumber, electrician, architect, etc.), or (2) entitled to certain benefits or privileges ( Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, right to vote, right to purchase alcohol, right to travel, etc.)  IDs are presented by the holder...(Read Full Article)
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