Impeachment Is a Badge of Honor for Donald Trump

Impeachment will backfire because the D.C. Leviathan still does not understand why Donald Trump was elected.  After all this time, the Democrats, the NeverTrump Rump, and permanent bureaucratic power-grabbers still believe that the 2016 election was about a cult of personality.  To them, President Trump is a mere carnival barker, some unholy mixture of P.T. Barnum, Franz Mesmer, and Huey Long.  They have therefore spent the last three years trying to convince his supporters that he is a pretender, a Republican interloper, an emperor with no clothes.  They have been convinced that if they can only expose Mr. Trump as a fake billionaire, an apostate of conservatism, or an un-American foreign agent, then his voters will pack up, retreat from his rallies, and demand his removal from office.  Instead, his appeal has become more robust, and once lukewarm support has turned hot. What the bow tie–wearing myopics of the swamp can't...(Read Full Article)
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