Democrats Have Become a Disfigured Reflection of the Party They Once Were

In an amazingly prophetic story by Isaac Bashevis Singer entitled "The Gentleman from Cracow," about life in the village of Frampol, where "the food was scarce and the water foul," one day, a young man, a doctor, arrives in a carriage drawn by eight horses.  He tells the villagers that his wife and baby have just died in childbirth, and his rabbi had advised him that his melancholy would disappear in Frampol.  He begins to spend a lot of money in the town, and the town prospers as never before.  He finally decides to marry one of the local women.  On the day of the wedding, "the gentleman from Cracow revealed his true identity."  Who is he?  Singer reveals him to us: "He was no longer the young man the villagers had welcomed, but a creature covered with scales, with an eye in his chest, and on his forehead a horn that rotated at great speed.  His arms were covered with...(Read Full Article)
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