Trump, Trade, and a Century of Peace

For 28 years, the American people have been played for suckers.  Since the fall of communism in 1989, we allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of, militarily and economically.  The working men and women of this country have paid the biggest price for this foolishness.  It made some sense back during the Cold War, when we needed a worldwide alliance against the Soviet threat.  But once the USSR was gone, we refused to act in our own interest, out of unthinking inertia and a desire to promote the globalization project.  Globalization was the path to world peace, according to deep thinkers like the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama.  The welfare of the American worker was sacrificed for this higher cause. The election of Donald Trump changed all that.  The global project was out, and America First was in.  The world took notice, quickly. The first to react was South Korea.  That country's...(Read Full Article)
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