Transgenders Attacking Gays and Lesbians for Refusal to Accept Them as Athletes and Same Sex Lovers

"One only wonders, with concern, what the Soviets will do after they have wiped out their bourgeois." - Sigmund Freud In October 2018, biological male Rachel McKinnon took the gold at the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles.  Afterwards, he took to Twitter to condemn as “transphobic bigots” anyone who pointed out that his “victory” consisted of a man competing in an all-women’s event.  He called mandatory testosterone suppression for transgender athletes a human rights violation. Last February, nine-time Wimbledon singles champion and lesbian Martina Navratilova caused an uproar when she wrote that it is “insane” and “cheating” that biological men are allowed to compete in women’s sports.  For stating the obvious, Navratilova was immediately expelled from the LGBTQ advocacy group Athlete Ally for alleged “transphobia.”  The BBC withdrew its...(Read Full Article)
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