Our Outrage Over the Dems' Impeachment Farce

To say that We the People are outraged over the Democrats baseless absurd articles of impeachment against our president would be an understatement. Candidly, I've had to talk my feisty Irish/Cherokee wife down from throwing a brick through our TV. These arrogant scumbags, in essence, are saying screw you, 63 million Americans who elected this guy. We're smearing his a** with impeachment and y'all can't stop us.

The most infuriating thing about Democrats and fake news medias' fake outrage over Trump's alleged crimes is everyone knows Trump has done nothing wrong. He has functioned totally within his presidential authority. Democrats and media are attempting to criminalize Trump defending himself while exposing their corruption. The only thing Trump is guilty of is keeping his promise to do everything within his power to make America great again

Folks, it feels like we are in an episode of “The Twilight Zone” in which Democrats' and medias' reality is the polar opposite of the truth. With straight faces, they authoritatively lie about every issue. Our economy is booming. And yet, Democrats and media say people are suffering horribly in Trump's economy. Blacks are enjoying a historic low unemployment rate. Dems and media tell blacks Trump is a white supremacist seeking to harm them.

We are livid that bad actors in the FBI, CIA, DoJ, State Department, and Obama administration illegally conspired to kick Trump out of the White House. These arrogant treasonous scumbags continue their unlawful assault on President Trump in plain sight while they appear on TV with their noses in the air -- talking down to We the People.

Our prayer is that these enemies of the Constitution will receive their just rewards. AG William Barr and federal prosecutor John Durham appear to be hot on their tails with indictments.

The revelation that government agencies are involved in the Democrats' silent coup and smear campaign is extremely disturbing. It is pretty scary to realize that if you p*** off the Democrats, they will “get you.” Let us not forget that Obama's IRS punished the Tea Party.

This whole impeachment scam reminds me of the 1938 Disney movie, Snow White. As a child, I could not understand why the wicked queen's hatred for Snow White was so great that she was willing to sacrifice her beauty and even her life to destroy Snow White. We are witnessing the same obsession with Democrats irrationally moving forward with impeaching Trump.

Immediately after Trump was elected, Democrats began their impeachment scam. They have ignored numerous issues important to the American people, such as prescription drug prices, border security, and the opioid crisis. Democrats know their impeachment scam will crash and burn in the Senate. And yet, they press forward.

President Reagan predicted the USSR would collapse due to the weight of its evil. The Democrats' 2020 presidential dreams are collapsing under the weight of their deranged hatred.

For years, Democrats and their media minions appeared to win every battle, chipping away at our constitutional freedoms. Who could imagine a day would come when Democrats' deranged hatred for all things beneficial to America would cause Democrats to eat themselves? Like the wicked queen's obsession with destroying Snow White, Democrats deem no cost too great to remove Trump.

I believe we owe the anti-Trump resistance a bit of gratitude. Their hatred created our America-first superhero president. Trump was not ideological. When the left immediately sought to block him from making America great again, Trump's eyes were opened. I believe he was stunned by leftists' vitriolic hatred for our country. This moved Trump closer to We the People.

We are in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Spiritual wickedness is the root cause of Democrats' hatred for everyday Americans. Democrats vehemently oppose Trump restoring religious liberty, restoring our constitutional freedoms, securing our borders and governing in the best interest of the American people.

Be of good cheer and hang in there, folks. Our Sherlock Holmes, (William Barr) and his Doctor Watson (John Durham) are close to cracking the Democrats' evil scam wide open. We the People are so looking forward to crushing the Democrats at the polls in November for their wicked crimes against our president and America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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