George Soros: A New Kind of Tyrant?

The venomous careers of Hitler and Stalin provoked the study of totalitarian regimes as the very epitome of evil, depriving their citizens of freedom and of life itself. A state captured by a demagogue is considered a sure sign of danger ahead -- hence the alleged justification by the Left for their hysteria over “rabble rouser” Donald Trump’s election. Overlooked until more recently are the unelected, bloated bureaucratic fiefdoms and regulatory encroachments of both national and global government and non-governmental institutions, which have created the opportunity for a sinister, large scale violation of political power.

This new abuse was foreshadowed in the career of FBI architect and director, the corrupt J. Edgar Hoover. It has been notched up to a planetary level of hyper-coordination by George Soros as preliminary to the installation of his global Open Society. In this grandiose plan, state governments (specifically the USA) will be reduced to the level of relay stations for a supranational, Sauron-like centralization of power.

What unites the totalitarian and the new tyrant are three personality characteristics, proposed by Professor John D. Mayer in his 1993 article, “The Emotional Madness of the Dangerous Leader.” The first is indifference. The tyrant is consumed by a single-minded, fanatical purpose and has no regard for the suffering wreaked on others during its implementation. The second is intolerance of those whose opinions differ, facilitated through control of the media, secret and insider knowledge, revenge against anyone who thwarts, and a paranoid mania to shut down all opposition. The third character trait (the foundation of the previous two), is psychopathic grandiosity. The power-abuser assumes a messianic pose of unifying society under a utopian plan and persuading others to participate. The very intensity of the tyrant’s narcissism is transferred to vulnerable supporters eliciting a narcotic rush of enthusiasm.

What is easily overlooked is that the sham scheme is not a political health remedy, but a device for maintaining the megalomaniac’s sense of personal omnipotence. In Soros’ own words, “Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad. In fact, my grandfather was actually paranoid.” Soros seems disarming in his frankness. But delusions of grandeur preclude self-knowledge, as Soros’ next statements reveal. “I have a lot of madness in my family. So far I have escaped it.”

Soros has spilled bucketloads of words proclaiming he is “amoral,” “self-interested,” and that “normal rules do not apply” to him. “I am unnatural. I am a sort of deux ex machina. I’m very comfortable with my public persona, because it is the one I have created myself.” And this from the man who controls politicians and bureaucrats like a boss giving dictation to his secretary. This is the man who has perfected the subversion of governments, who has robbed failing states, and lavishly endowed every organization and movement destructive of traditional Western society, from abolishing the Electoral College to abolishing life itself if it is in utero, drug-addicted, or senile. His ambition is without borders -- “The Soviet Empire is now the Soros Empire.” “I’m the Pope’s boss now.” And so on, ad nauseum. Yet, like other tyrants, he is untouchable. Those he has made richer and more powerful protect him.

In March 1933 the Germans voted. They could have voted for the moderate Center Christian party. Instead they voted in Hitler. ‘Deplorable’ Americans however confounded Soros by not voting for “What can we do for you, George?” Hillary Clinton. Yet where are the congressional and Senate investigations into Soros? Where is the RICO indictment? Governments have been bought. The media has been bought. The Soros NGO empire operates an invasive, parasitic web currently devouring the body politic of the USA and many other nations besides.

What Trump’s election has revealed is the limitation of the Presidency in withstanding the transfer of power to unelected, publicly unaccountable bureaucrats, and venal politicians, more concerned with their benefices than their constituents. That void has allowed Soros to install himself as de facto puppet-master. We require bureaucracy, and we cannot prevent the existence of associations, but there is an urgent need for reform by abolishing permanency in government and establishing citizens’ tribunals of appeal against abuses of administrative power. 

Recently in an interview on his simpering NPR, Soros confessed he was unprepared for the populist opposition to his insurrectionary agenda. Let us continue our opposition. Let us demand Soros be investigated and brought to justice as conditional for obtaining our vote. Those with connection to him must be banned from public office, and his assets frozen. Then his parasitical minions will shrivel, like leeches desiccated by a pinch of salt. If not, although we may escape the mass slaughter of the twentieth century, it will be at the cost of vassalage beneath a tyrant like George Soros.

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