Adam Schiff is Shameless

Last Thursday afternoon I boarded an Amtrak Acela train from Washington, D.C. to New York. While in D.C., I enjoyed spending time at the Trump International Hotel where people were happy - not just because of the holidays, but because of where they were, surrounded by people of like mind.

In particular, the hotel lobby bar on Wednesday night was filled with festive people who had just left the White House Chanukah party at which Trump had signed the Executive Order on Combatting Anti-Semitism. Jews across the country were thrilled that the administration was finally doing what the Democrats in the House of Representatives had blocked.

While waiting to board the train, I thought I recognized a couple of congresspeople but no one of import. That is, until I entered the train and noticed two secret servicemen and a D.C. police officer accompanying someone on the platform. I turned around and saw Adam Schiff walking towards me.

Not one to shy from confrontation, I could not hold back my disgust. As he neared, I looked at his staffer and asked how he could work for such a despicable jerk and then turned to Schiff and asked him if he understood what he was doing to our democracy. He just stared blankly through those massive bulbous eyes that only exude hate and contempt. I mockingly said, “Talk about abuse of power -- how in the world do you look at yourself every day in the mirror? You’re simply an awful human being and a liar. How do you live with yourself?” He wished me happy holidays and walked away.

I was looking forward to dialing in shortly to a conference call explaining the Executive Order that was being hosted by the White House and it occurred to me that as a fellow Jew, Schiff should (if he weren’t a partisan, self-righteous, hateful hack suffering from serious mental illness) at least be able to thank Trump for fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses.

So, on my way to the restroom armed with my Trump water bottle on full display, I stopped by Schiff’s seat. I told him how elated I was over the EO and isn’t Trump just wonderful for the Jewish people; wasn’t the EO just terrific. He unsurprisingly replied that unfortunately he couldn’t agree. I responded that yes, it’s unfortunate since it’s Jews like him who are doing the most harm to our people, not Trump. I added that he’s just an awful person if he couldn’t even support an order to fight anti-Semitism and protect Jewish students on campuses.

Upon arrival in New York, there were two more staffers and an NYPD officer waiting for Schiff and his entourage, escorting them away. I was wondering what he was doing in NYC but also why he needed so much protection. After all, I’ve seen Senators Robert Menendez and Ted Cruz on the train unaccompanied; and in fact, as I was walking through Penn Station, I walked past Richard Blumenthal also unaccompanied.

I also wondered how much it was costing Schiff to travel with his entourage and who was paying for the trip. The Acela can get quite pricey at often close to $600 for a round trip ticket during busy travel times like the holidays.  Two Secret Servicemen cost the taxpayers money as well. So, what was so important in NYC? I soon discovered it was Stephen Colbert!

Schiff needed protection likely because of his high profile during the impeachment hearings (and his singular obsession with destroying Trump over the past three years) and possible death threats. Yet clearly those death threats haven’t prevented him from putting himself out there as this attention and media-seeking whore can’t get enough of himself on television. But why should taxpayers be paying for him to appear on a late-night talk show?

And what of the timing of this? According to the Democrats running this circus, this is a very serious moment in the history of our country warranting serious measures that have only been taken two other times in the nation’s history. So, what does Schiff do? He travels to New York to appear on a comedy show. Lovely. Worse than that, he uses the platform to excoriate Republicans claiming this is their “most shameful hour.” 

Nancy Pelosi recently stated, “[The impeachment] isn’t about politics, it isn’t about patriotism -- uh, partisanship -- it’s about patriotism.” Talk about a Freudian slip. But let’s just say for a moment that this is about patriotism. Where were Pelosi and Schiff during the eight years of Obama’s endless scandals?

Where were they during Fast & Furious during which the Obama administration was responsible for the murder of a Border Patrol officer? Where were they during Benghazi when the Obama administration (and their gal Hillary) was responsible for the murder of four Americans including a U.S. ambassador? Where were they when Obama sic’d an alphabet city of government institutions and agencies on conservatives from the IRS to the NSA? Where were they when Obama during a meeting to discuss missile defense with Russian Foreign Minister Dmitri Medvedev was caught on a hot mike asking Putin to give him space, stating, “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.” Talk about abuses of power not to mention Russia collusion!

Schiff went on national television to call Republicans shameful and that’s not partisan? Can’t reasonable minds disagree? Isn’t that what a democracy is and why we have a jury system, not to mention a Constitution that governs impeachment (as well as Federalist Papers that afford us an opportunity to understand that the Framers never intended it to be used to overturn an election and the will of 60 million Americans)?

Schiff condescendingly told Colbert:

I wonder how [the Republicans] are going to explain one day when their grandchild comes to them and says, ‘Granddad, Grandma, please tell me what you did when that unethical man, that terrible man, that man who was putting people in cages, dividing our country, extorting our allies, please tell me what you did to stand up to that man.  What will their answer be? For all too many, it will be nothing. It will be nothing except shame.

This coming from the unethical, terrible man who can’t even thank a U.S. president for taking measures that will keep his grandchildren safe. Schiff is such a stone-cold partisan that he can’t even put aside his quest for power to care about protecting his grandchildren from anti-Semitism. That is shameful and I’d love to see him try and explain it to his grandkids.

Schiff, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats leading this grossly partisan and undemocratic process are hypocritical jerks who prove day after day that all they care about is partisanship and power. The Constitution? Nah. Democracy? Nope. Patriotism? What’s that? The American people? Seriously…?

But the “Late Show” where Schiff was afforded a platform to call Republicans shameful? That’s a priority during this very serious time in our country’s history? You betcha. And who cares if it costs taxpayer money to transport him here, surround him with security in the form of Secret Service and local police forces.  Certainly not Adam Schiff.  When Schiff looks in the mirror, he sees “shameful” staring back at him. He’s just too stupid and shameless to know it.

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