Trump Caught America’s Biggest Lawbreaker

Last week in his now-classic style of quips to the media President Trump said, “I caught the Swamp.”

To the tens of millions of Americans who elected him, Trump is telling them he’s fulfilling yet another campaign promise. But this one is something perhaps (if not certainly) no other president could claim. It’s not just the Swamp that Trump caught -- it’s actually America’s biggest lawbreaker.

Three years into the Obama administration, while America was under the throes of being “transformed” into post-constitutional socialism, we wrote a Thomas Paine-style pamphlet, or e-book, entitled The Law That Governs Government: Reclaiming the Constitution from Usurpers and Society’s Biggest Lawbreaker.

The law that governs government is, of course, the Constitution. It was established by “We the People” not merely to create government’s basic structure, but as a fundamental and paramount law over government, legally granting it certain powers and limiting its authority to infringe on God-given rights of the People. People who properly understand that the Constitution is man-made law governing government have a better appreciation for the reasons why it is central to the modern day fight between conservatism and radical leftism.

Our book began:

Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America. Lawbreaking by government in terms of cost and the number of people victimized is of a scale unmatched by any other organization or group -- leaving nothing as a close second.

The Swamp that President Trump “caught” is comprised of more than government, of course, and includes the parasites and abettors in, around, and combining with America’s biggest lawbreaker. The core of the Swamp, however, is corrupt, lawless, lawbreaking government.

Under Obama, the role of the Departments of Justice and State, as well as the intelligence community, expanded as part of America’s biggest lawbreaker. Those who attempted to “catch” the lawbreaking met with reprisal. Obama’s unprecedented use of the Espionage Act against reporters, for example, was the equivalent of using goon squad enforcers to intimidate the fainter-hearted white hats.

No faint-hearted reporter and best-selling author Sharyl Attkisson was targeted for revealing Obama administration scandals. She explains her courageous lawsuit against government’s hacking her home and business computers was initially dismissed for dumbfounding reasons. In The Law That Governs Government we had previously written:

When people know the government has violated the law, the government’s reaction tends to be, “So sue us.”  Government, though, has also rigged the rules for obtaining legal remedies.  Justice is denied and government lawbreaking is protected through judge-made doctrines.

Serious criminality by government, such as hacking Ms. Attkisson’s computers, now almost seems like kids’ play or just rehearsal when viewed next to America’s biggest lawbreaker’s boldest and most consequential lawbreaking: The sedition and attempted coup against a sitting American President. Many Americans understand that the failures to stop government’s biggest lawbreaker in the lesser crimes and lawlessness clearly emboldened it for this granddaddy of lawlessness, and that is why the attempted coup will only fuel more passionate and wider support for President Trump.

Such audacious lawbreaking, of course, could not succeed without aiders and abettors, and the Swamp’s Trump-deranged leftist Mainstream Media have too gladly and scurrilously filled that role. However, because of some journalists such as John Solomon, some television and talk radio show hosts like Mark Levin, organizations such as Judicial Watch, conservative news and commentary sites like American Thinker, and social and other new, alternative media resistance to the Resistance, the utter corruption of the MSM has been exposed as never before.

That President Trump campaigned by excoriating the Fake News only adds to his status as the gritty outsider coming to clean up the town that the bad guys have taken over.

In this coup, there is also a fascinating and telling war between good cop lawyers and the bad guys. On lawyers, we wrote in 2011:

For lawyers, lawbreaking by the State is a lucrative business. Through their professional associations such as the American Bar Association and the American Association of Justice (the euphemistic name change for the Association of Trial Lawyers of America), they participate in supporting statist lawmakers and bureaucracies, or even help craft laws that make their services all the more needed. Their clients are hostage to, and victims of, the lawyers’ own actions.

A good example of the evil Swamp legal community is Mark Zaid, the lawyer for the Ukraine “whistleblower,” who is no whistleblower at all, but a politically motivated saboteur planted in the palace by the lawbreaking Deep State. Speaking recently on The Larry O’Connor Show on WMAL out of Washington, decorated Army Lt. Colonel and former intelligence official Tony Shaffer described how Zaid represented him in a controversial whistleblower matter for 10 years before dropping his client when exculpatory information favorable to his client was revealed. Not long after the Trump presidency began, Zaid revealingly -- if not arrogantly -- tweeted that this now three-year attempted coup had begun. There are many Mark Zaid-types in the Swamp aiding America’s biggest lawbreaker.

Fortunately for our constitutional republic, we have outstanding lawyers Sidney Powell (now representing General Michael Flynn), the husband-wife team of former prosecutors Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, mob-buster Rudy Giuliani, and others on our side. Even William Barr decided to get back into the game, and because of this moment in history, he may end up being the most consequential Attorney General in U.S. history.

As he is frequently the first to clearly articulate what the wisdom of Americans feel or know in their hearts, Rush Limbaugh was right in 2018 when he said there are two systems of justice in America, which is anathema to the core principle of equal justice in the law. Elites who are tied to big government and its ancillary institutions -- and particularly those in the Democrat Party, which is the party of big government – rarely seem to receive adequate or any justice for their lawlessness and lawbreaking. Or, at least, they never receive the same level of punishment dished out to other Americans, particularly conservatives.

Americans understand that the lack of a level playing field in our system of justice fosters and encourages more lawbreaking by the protected class who are part of the Swamp. In stepped outsider Donald Trump, who not only now is the biggest target of America’s biggest lawbreaker, but who has the courage, savvy, and intelligence to fight it. Many Americans understand that unless Donald Trump wins this fight against America’s biggest lawbreaker, its beneficiaries, and its aiders and abettors, our constitutional republic will never recover, and we are doomed to live without equal justice under the law.

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