The War on Trump Represents Fear, Not Hatred

We hear regularly from conservative commentators that those who attack Trump do it because they hate him.  I believe that the actions of the Deep State can be explained by fear of Trump more than hatred.  They fear that their many criminal actions will be exposed, so their nonstop campaign against Trump represents self-love more than anything else.

The anti-Trump movement can be divided into two primary categories: (1) the leaders who sell the daily narrative and (2) the "useful idiots" who form the army of haters.  The leaders include the Deep State criminals and media who protected Hillary and continue to collaborate on anti-Trump propaganda.

The leaders understand Eric Hoffer's statement that "hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents.  Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil."  I am not arguing that the useful idiot sheep do not hate.  There is clearly a contest of virtue-signaling hatred within this group, each person striving for novel ways to express his hatred.  I am arguing that the motivation of the shepherds is self-protection.  

We are watching criminals who do not want to be caught and punished.  We are watching criminals who expected to be rewarded by President Clinton for their valiant and daring criminality.  They are just the kind of soldiers that every tyrant needs, willing to bend any rule in the service of power.  But Trump won, and that changed everything.

The following is a brief list of some of the Deep State's actions that its denizens are fighting to keep hidden.  For an honest observer, these actions are not really hidden.  There is plenty of evidence to support these claims.  But because the media are an absolutely integral part of the ongoing attempt to destroy Trump, large parts of the population are misinformed.  None of the fake scandals that have been dividing Americans for three years would have been possible without a pathetically dishonest media.

The media are not "speaking truth to power"; they are speaking lies for power.

A group of people at high levels in the Obama administration ignored many, many investigative rules to make sure Hillary and her partners in crime were protected.  The "investigation" of Hillary was a complete farce.  Then, at the last minute, when Anthony Weiner's laptop was discovered, a file named "Life Insurance" was found to contain 340,000 of Hillary's emails.  The FBI successfully committed the crime of hiding this evidence.

In a carefully planned criminal conspiracy, spies were placed in the Trump campaign, not just to spy on Trump, but to plant information that could be used in fraudulent FISA applications to justify more spying.  There was massive, illegal unmasking of American citizens as part of this operation.  Obama had also spied on other political adversaries, including journalists and lawmakers, so illegal surveillance was already part of his criminal repertoire.

Obama's Justice Department and intelligence officials, at the top levels, had weaponized their departments to destroy Trump (and patriots like General Flynn).  Hillary had secretly and illegally paid for one foreign agent, Christopher Steele, to pay Russian agents for hearsay fables to influence the American election.  The Deep State was directly involved in spreading the smears.  Yes, Mueller, collaborating with Russians to influence the election did happen.

The Deep State plotters, like all self-righteous tyrants, felt fully justified in making sure the election met their own desires, not the desires of the voters.  In case the voters disagreed, they would have an "insurance policy" to make sure that Trump was defeated, one way or another. 

Steele's misinformation was fed into public consciousness by the Deep State plotters and media partners.  "Trump is Putin's puppet," "Trump is a traitor" soon followed.  The Russia hoax led to the Mueller "investigation," in which a group of Trump-haters with an unlimited budget searched for a crime.  The Mueller investigation was actually a cover-up operation.  For two years, any attempt to seek evidence to expose the Deep State was off limits because the records were "part of the Mueller investigation."

It is worth noting that the Mueller team knew from the beginning that there was no actual evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.  Peter Strzok, a central figure in the plots to exonerate Hillary and target Trump, admitted at the very start of the Mueller operation that "there was no there there."  Yet the charade continued for two years, leaking just enough misinformation to help the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives.  That victory led to the impeachment effort that the plotters have yearned for and fought for since before the inauguration.

The impeachment effort is as ludicrous as the "Trump is a Russian agent" hoax.  Think of it as Impeachment Theater, scripted in advance by Adam Schiff and Company.  The media, who should be playing the role of critics of this play, are fully compromised propagandists instead.  Thirdhand hearsay evidence is called "devastating"; witnesses reporting what they read in the New York Times is "a bombshell."  If Trump wants to investigate corruption, or wants to learn more about Ukraine's role in the 2016 election, that is "a shocking, impeachable offense."

This reeks of desperation because it is desperation.  Barr, Horowitz, and Durham appear to be close to exposing the crimes that the Deep State is desperate to keep hidden.  The leftist media fear being exposed as the partisan frauds that they are.  This hysterical impeachment over nothing is a last-ditch attempt to stop what they fear the most: the truth.

If there is justice in this world, those who have plotted to overthrow the president of the United States will be exposed and punished.  And their media lackeys will get the contempt they deserve.

Image: Fox News via YouTube.

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