Natural Rights Versus Political Rights

A headline I read this weekend proclaimed that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, the Klan-hood-wearing gent formerly known at VMI as “Coonman,” was “working on” possible gun confiscation in Virginia now that money on the Left has successfully buried his racism and bought the legislature for their party.  Aside from the obvious commentary about what happens when Democrats obtain power, the headline suggests a far deeper problem confronting our country. It is only a matter of time before anti-constitutional forces seize control of the Senate, or perhaps the White House, and when they do, what historically American citizens consider to be unalienable rights will suddenly disappear.  The coming purge of natural rights is inevitable.

When we talk about natural rights, non-fascistic Americans understand this to be what is embodied in Bill of Rights, which are declarations enshrined to protect the individual from the tyranny of the government.  These rights are considered innate natural rights, which vest in a person because of his humanity, rather than his political loyalties or beliefs.  They are unalienable because they derive from that humanity, rather than one’s fear of or allegiance to a political party or government.  Political rights, however, are what immoral politicians have empowered themselves to grant, and “rescind,” depending on whom the rights benefit.  When it appears politically advantageous to gift a new right, meaning to manufacture a preference to benefit a political faction or interest group, regardless of the will of the general population, then that “right” will suddenly materialize to reward political fealty or to buy favor.  When a politician or political mob believes that their opponents must be punished, then those same politicians will cancel natural rights that protect the equality and liberty of the citizens who are their enemies.

When God is acknowledged, then natural rights are unalienable.  When government is god, then rights are the property of the government.  After all, if God is merely imaginary, then so too is the supremacy of the human being as He created it because, as far as totalitarian fascists are concerned, He didn’t.  It’s useful to recognize that socialism is atheistic, to help understand how they devalue life.  If we can deny the divinity of God, we can devalue His creations, so that they are nothing more than pawns to be used and expended for the gain of those who would rule them.  If human life has no natural value, because it is not of the divine, then there is nothing lost when it is extinguished.  This is true no matter the stage of life of the one to be canceled.  If human life has political value, however, then its value lies in its capacity for exploitation. 

Thus, when the Supreme Court decided for our entire country that human life is garbage while it is in the womb, the decision gave a prize to the left’s political supporters, but literally led to the political sacrifice of millions of human beings.  “So what,” they tell us, “those aren’t human lives.”  Indeed, as the same Governor Northam informed us during a radio interview concerning post-birth “abortion,” it isn’t even a human life when out of the womb and breathing on its own, unless the mother who sought its death says it is.  Thus, the right to live will be granted to the child or taken from it by someone whom circumstance has placed in a position of superior power.  Rights pass only through those who pretend to own and grant them, you see.  They are political, not natural.

This philosophy is not new in the United States.  The same party to which Governor Northam belongs has already presumed in its not too distant past that unalienable rights did not vest in all persons, despite their origin in the Divine.  While owning and exploiting other human beings for their own power and profit, earlier Democrats similarly said, “so what, those aren’t human lives,” but rather are things, subject to purchase, sale, violence, deprivation and arbitrary death, if it serves the owner.  Funny how history repeats.  If they can once again get away with the lie that certain persons have no rights except those they grant, they can be empowered again to own and control those lives for their own profit and power.  Some philosophies just never get old.

Similarly, concerning advocating confiscation of the tools of self-defense, the same political party has already previously operated on the premise that these sub-humans, whose utility lay in their role as servants and pawns, should never be allowed to defend themselves from their enslavers, who later became their political oppressors.  The southern Democrats were fully aware that what they intended to do to their former possessions would get them shot, if their chattel had the unalienable right to arm and defend themselves.  Thus, their political slaves were denied the Second Amendment.  Then as now, those in power can only see the natural right of self-defense as dangerous if they are already aware that they intend to do things for which someone would justifiably have a right to shoot them.

The same repression threatens all the other fundamental rights, including the right to speak, the right to worship, the right not to be spied on, the right to due process, the right to confront one’s accusers, even the right of citizens to have their views represented by those they elect to office.  It is not accidental that all of these have been willfully swept aside by Democrats in their zeal for total control.  When free people are not yet servants, then the rights that make them free must be rescinded, though they were not granted, so that the servants can assume their proper places in the political, social, and cultural hierarchy to which the powerful have consigned them.

Under these rules, there really are no longer such things as “rights.”  There are instead statements of preference and priority, given by political movements to their friends, and taken where they already exist from their enemies.  To fascists, rights are merely tools of power, to be wielded to advance some while making others vulnerable or forfeit to the equally malicious whims of those in charge.  Your freedom and even your life is not too high a price for the Democrats to pay to own you and all you possess.  They are fully prepared to go there.

If you shared a property line with a neighbor who ranted incessantly about imaginary crimes, and his own virulent bigotry and hatred toward others, and how the people he hated deserved to be imprisoned or killed, you’d recognize he was deranged and dangerous.  If your neighbor openly engaged in violent behavior toward you, you’d probably arm yourself to defend your family and property.  But if your neighbor was ever given political power, he’d decide that you have no right to oppose him, and that the act of doing so was itself a crime, punishable by the cancellation of all of your rights, your imprisonment, or your death.  When that is one person, perhaps you can move somewhere else.  When that is one political party, and they demand control of your country, there is nowhere for you to go.  That is the future they have in store for you.  If we don’t stop them now, then very soon there will be nowhere left to go. 

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