Hatred of Israel is the Symptom. Hatred of Western Society is the Disease.

Many on the political Left, such as Rep. Ilhan Omar, complain that American Jews support Israel because Israel is a Jewish-majority country. All Americans should support Israel because Israel is a civilized country similar to the United States in terms of culture and values. These values include free elections, freedom of the press, rule of law, religious pluralism, women's rights, and safety for LGBT people. Israel is, like the United States, a free country as defined by Freedom House. Its neighbor Syria has a freedom score of zero out of 100, Egypt is not free, and Gaza, the home of the "poor oppressed Palestinians," is not free. American values say Americans should side with the world's free countries and not dictatorships like Turkey and theocracies like Iran.

The United Nations' Human Rights Council (UNHRC) consists, meanwhile, of outhouse countries -- I am using the family-friendly and radio-safe version of President Trump's term for them -- such as Afghanistan, Mainland China, Cuba, Egypt, and Rwanda. These countries have as much right to be on a Human Rights Council as a child pornographer has to be in charge of a day care center. President Trump rightly denied the UNHRC its legitimacy by withdrawing from it. The United States will no longer lend its name to this enabler and whitewasher of human rights abuses around the world.

The same United Nations (aka United Nobodies) also appointed the outhouse country of Iran, which imprisons women for not wearing hijabs, hangs and stones to death women for what the ayatollahs call "adultery," flogs and imprisons a female human rights lawyer, and hangs teenage girls for being Baha'is, to a Working Group on Communications on the Status of Women. Iran has as much place on a Working Group on Communications on the Status of Women as a violent pimp has in a battered women's shelter.

"Outhouse country" does not necessarily reflect on all or even most of the people who have the misfortune to live in one. Most Iranians would probably welcome a democracy or even the resurrection of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who, while a despot, did not abuse and degrade women, or hang LGBT people. The Berlin Wall was built to prevent East Germans from becoming West Germans. Most Mainland Chinese would probably prefer to live in Taiwan or Hong Kong. Many Arabs in Gaza would rather live in peace with Israel. Every individual has the right to be judged by the content of his or her own character and not that of his government.

Social Justice Warrior 101: AK-47 = Good Guy

Organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) are but one set of examples of rebellion for rebellion's sake against the Western value system that built modern civilization. The rebels with all the wrong causes, aka social justice warriors (SJWs), seek to identify purportedly downtrodden and oppressed proletarians, i.e. everybody in the Third World, to support against the evil racist, imperialist, and colonialist oppressors, i.e. everybody in the developed First World; the very source of the SJWs' privileged lifestyles. Female American and European activists who travel to the so-called "occupied territories" in Israel are allegedly so eager to rebel against the very societies that gave them everything they have that they tolerate being used as "comfort women" by the "noble revolutionaries" because, let's face it, any hand with an upraised AK-47 has to belong to a Good Guy.

Here is a music video in which Nathalie Cardone sings an ode to Che Guevara, the "…jailer and executioner-in-chief of Castro's dictatorship" while carrying an AK-47 and leading some downtrodden and oppressed Latin Americans somewhere or other. Ireland, which enacted a boycott of Israel, issued a postage stamp that honors Che Guevara.

Ho Chi Minh posters, buttons, and t-shirts are being sold online because, after all, anybody who uses an AK-47 to kill racist, imperialist, colonialist, and warmongering American Soldiers has to be a Good Guy. Posters, t-shirts, wrapping paper, and more are available that venerate Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin because a murderous dictator who slaughtered about 20 million of his own people while perpetrating a genocide in the Ukraine must be the Good Guy as long as he is a Communist, and Stalin gets extra points for having an AK-47. The same goes for Mao Zedong, whose democide of 20 to 55 million of his own people is entirely excusable because he was a revolutionary and some of the people were doubtlessly shot with AK-47s. There are even T-shirts with Pol Pot, whose Khmer Rouge murdered more than 1 million Cambodians.

T-shirts are also available with the portrait of Gavrilo Princip, the assassin who started the First World War, even though Princip used a pistol rather than the yet-to-be-invented AK-47 to murder Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife. Assassination of a monarchist is always good as far as the SJWs are concerned even if the result is the First World War that made Hitler and Stalin possible.

Squad member Rashida Tlaib more recently called Israel racist and equated a boycott of Israel to a boycott of Nazi Germany. Presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders also, like Tlaib, Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez, apparently feel there is some kind of moral equivalence between civilized Israelis and violent Hamas savages. These views are shared by a substantial number of Congressional Democrats. Jeremy Corbyn (Labour, UK) has depicted not only Hamas but also Hezbollah, the organization behind the bombing murder of U.S. Marines in Beirut, as "his friends" and has also been supportive of the Irish Republican Army.

LGBT Against Israel = Poultry for Chick-fil-A

The web page of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid says they stand with queers in Palestine. Maybe they ought to do exactly that; up to their necks in sewage in Gaza, with ropes around their necks in Iran, or on rooftops waiting to be pushed off by ISIS. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif supports the execution of gay people while accusing Israel and the United States of "violating human rights," and all with a straight face. The leaders of Presbyterian Church USA, which supports a boycott of Israel, should go to Gaza to promote gay marriage. They can tell us how it works out for them when (and if) they get back.

Hatred of Israel is therefore but one symptom of a far more widespread disease; hatred and contempt for advanced Western Civilization that has given very privileged lives, and usually college educations, to Social Justice Warriors and Rebels with All the Wrong Causes who would, if given the opportunity, drag down their own societies in favor of a romanticized and noble Third World that never was and never will be. We encourage them to move in with their downtrodden and oppressed proletarian friends in Gaza, Iran, Vietnam, and Mainland China. Maybe Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism (QUIT) and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid can hold a gay pride event in Hamas-controlled "Palestine," and let us know how it goes when (and if) they come back.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of an American Thinker contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way.

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