Elizabeth Warren's Rabbit Hole

Grace Slick was right.  Some pills make you taller.  Elizabeth Ann (Herring) Warren has now moved ahead of the pack in the latest polling in Iowa for the Democrats.  Senator Warren wants to launch the Green Apollo Program, Green Industrial Mobilization and the Green Marshall Plan.  She recognizes that we are in debt to the tune of $22+ trillion, but let’s dig deeper to save the planet from global warming.

Dr. Patrick Michaels, a world renowned climatologist, has studied the data and has concluded that during the 20th century, global temperatures rose 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit.  Can one say conclusively that carbon dioxide is warming the globe to the point as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez suggests, that our planet will not exist in less than 12 years?

It is very reassuring that candidate Warren is so transfixed on the “settled science” of global warming that she owns a small interest in a natural gas well in her birth state of Oklahoma for royalties according to Forbes.  She married her childhood sweetheart, Jim Warren, when she was 19 years old.  The Warrens moved to Texas, then New Jersey, where Jim was employed by IBM and regarded as a brilliant mathematician.  Jim eventually went to work for NASA to develop algorithms for genetic data comparisons.  Later he became a member of the Board of FamilyTreeDNA, major vendors of genetic testing kits.  Maybe Senator Warren got a discount from her ex-husband’s company for proving the lie about her non-Native American origins.

The Warrens had a daughter and a son, and after 10 years of marriage, divorced.  A couple of years later, Senator Warren proposed to a fellow attorney and academic, Bruce Mann.  They have been married going on 39 years.  Their net worth exceeds $12 million, including $50,000 of IBM stock.

As one peruses Senator Warren’s web page that describes her platform you notice her promise to provide 100% clean energy in 10 years.  Translation: all electric power will be produced by renewables (solar and wind) since there is no pitch for hydroelectric nor nuclear power.  Besides with all of the environmental steps, new hydroelectric or nuclear power plants would take that long to permit let alone design and build.  I don’t know her position on the failed Cape Wind offshore wind farm that was proposed in Nantucket.  This is 100% poppycock and Elizabeth Warren knows it.  Senator Warren must be betting on the come that there will be major advances in technology emerging within the next year that none of us are aware of.  She states that we need to limit global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.  Following Professor Michaels’ analysis that means the temperature rise will be over the next 300 years.

And of course the $1 trillion in government funding is supposed to come from rolling back President Trump’s lowering of taxes.  But there’s more tax monies that will flow into the Treasury on the ultra-wealthy tax.  Soros, Buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos and the like know that taxing 2% of their wealth over $50 million and 3% over $1 billion, per year, buys votes but will never be enacted.

Ms. Warren claims that the U.S. is the “world’s largest historical polluter” of carbon dioxide.  This is wrong from two perspectives.  The largest emitter of carbon dioxide is China, not the US.  We can debate the word “historical” and we can also add annual emission acceleration rates into the discussion. But carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.  It is clearly a requirement for plant growth.  Humans need plants to survive by emitting oxygen and feeding us either directly or indirectly through the food chain.  Hopefully this will get cleared up soon in court. 

According to Elizabeth Warren, “It’s long past time for common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform.”  She accuses President Trump of exploiting a crisis of his own making at our southern border; administering racist policies on his “Muslim Ban”; and his cruel treatment of separating “babies” from their families at the border.  She has not made any references to President Obama’s policies in comparison regarding similar immigration controls nor does she refer to the responsibility of Congress concerning immigration.  President Trump offered action on DACA but Congress turned him down because the Democrat leadership apparently does not want secure borders.  I also didn’t hear her comments on the recent revelations about the Iraqi American Airlines mechanic and apparent ISIS sympathizer who was caught sabotaging an aircraft.  I am also curious about her take on a young Congresswoman from Minnesota who allegedly: entered the US under false pretenses; married her brother to gain citizenship; and separated from the man with whom she has had three children due to an affair with her campaign worker.

Senator Warren reminds me of the character of the carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, in the made for TV movie, Carousel, starring Robert Goulet.  She will spend (give away) $500 billion in 10 years to provide more affordable housing for low income earners and will guaranty rents will be pushed down 10%.  Her swaggering bravada knows no limits when it comes to how she will take on Wall Street.  Senator Warren is proud of her accomplishments regarding the Consumer Fiancial Protection Bureau, which is nothing more than a scam to milk the banking industry and send the money to special interest groups, friends of Democrats, rather than the Treasury.  It’s for the good of the people, don’t ya know?

Why do lawyers like Senator Warren think that they can switch easily from the Legislative Branch to the Executive Branch?  If Congress cannot legislate do we think that they can execute or promulgate laws better? 

Grace Slick had a fondness for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland; when she wrote “White Rabbit,” she had just came off an LSD trip.  Jefferson Airplane released this huge hit in 1967.  The big question for you is are you one of those white rabbits that will follow the Senator down the rabbit holeof empty promises and red Herrings of progressive failure? 

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